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    Disneyland 6 CD Set Numbers

    2490 Chicago. Don't have the heart to break the seal on the gold record.
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    Wishes CD

    Quick scan of the CD insert - except for the Wishes theme itself, and a short segment on Track 7 called "Witch's Underscore", both composed by "G Smith", the rest are songs from Disney animated features. I've never heard the press kit version, but on the CD, JC says "What they can't do these...
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    Wishes CD

    FYI, they ran out of copies at the MK shops Monday last week, where I thought I could pick up a copy. The CMs said they had just two copies left that day, and they were sold. I felt really bad thinking I'd have to mail-order. Turns out the All-Stars Sports where I was staying had 15 copies. By...
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    Park Music Loops :)

    Here's the correct indoor loop for RESTAURANTASAURUS: 1. It's The End Of The World As We Know It - REM 2. Grazing in the Grass - Friends of Distinction 3. Sweet Dinosaur of Mine - Barnes and Barnes 4. They're All Gone - Barnes and Barnes 5. If I Had a Dinosaur - Raffi 6. The Dinosaur Dance -...
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    Animal Kingdom area music

    Roy, welcome aboard. What part of Animal Kingdom? The "Disney's Animal Kingdom CD" is a good source of the selections that play near the entrance at the Oasis Gardens. It is still available in the parks and at several online retailers. It is good snooze age music for recreating the environment...
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    Favorite Non-Disney music played in the parks?

    Just spent driving a total of 10 hours this weekend, with a collection of various loop tracks in the car MP3 player. I love them all, especially the Main Street loops. Somehow the Barnes and Barnes "Dinosaur Album" tracks that play at the McDonald's in AK Dinoland appealed to me today, and...
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    New Broughton/Roger Rabbit CD?

    I wonder if this is the same as the promotional CD of the same name. Looks like it can still be purchased at:
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    Area, queue, and exit music question?

    Jessica, sorry for my false memory. Nothing from Deep Breakfast in the tomorrowland loop.
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    Area, queue, and exit music question?

    Gotta be in the archives somewhere. Tracks from this CD were used in the Wonders of Life loop at EPCOT, Honey I shrunk the kids playground at Disney MGM, and the previous Tomorrowland loop at MK. I'm sure someone with better memory than mine will tell you exactly what went where.
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    Playlist Sunshine Tree Terrace

    Diego, we're talking about different loops then. Let us know if you find anything more. ??? I've got to dig up that tape of mine, now I'm curious and I'd like to listen to it again. But unfortunately I have a lot of them! They're arranged in chronological order and I don't remember when I...
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    Playlist Sunshine Tree Terrace

    A few years back, before the magic carpet dumbo ride sprouted in the plaza at MK Adventureland. I sat in front of the Tiki Room on a very slow night, and it was quiet enough for me to hear the music being played there. Sounds like the loop you describe. It was not the loop I currently hear with...
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    Question: How is a recording made using the induction method?

    ;D Many, many thanks! Yes, I hear the glitch too, but no problem. One thing I noticed is that it seems to play a tad faster than realtime on my PC, but once more, no problem. It is probably just distortion of subjective time perception due to the consumption of too many veggie burgers at Cosmic...
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    New WDW Tomorrowland BGM

    Z?rpman, His eyes were also locked the week around the 4th of July, so it must be a chronic glitch. It is sad, but I admit I'd rather see the ride run with the small glitches than having it close alltogether.
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    A Bug's Life queue music

    I don't remember all the songs, but weren't most of them from (non-Disney) popular broadway shows? Another licensing problem.
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    Question: How is a recording made using the induction method?

    I assume this refers to using one of those small spools of wire wound on an iron core, equipped with a small suction cup that was designed to pick up phone conversations by placing it behind the earpiece or by the base of an old-style phone. Used to be available at Radio Shack. Doesn't work at...