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    Question about New CDs in Disneyland

    Is this system going to have new park music ever?
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    Haunted Mansion Holiday Bootleg

    So I have been trying to find this "2001 version" of the haunted mansion holiday. I found the following two tracks on disney-central. haunted mansion holiday - attraction [13:50] haunted mansion holiday - attraction (256KBPS) [7:10] Is one of these the 2001 version? Thanks
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    Haunted Mansion Holiday Bootleg

    Does anyone know if the 2001 show and these dozen or so tracks are on the IRC? To me it seems as those are all on the new 2003 CD. But I could be wrong. I just want to get all of the unreleased versions and tracks. Thanks.
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    OT: Lilo and Stitch 2 DVD Set

    According to, it has been delayed to 2005 along with pocahontas.
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    Haunted Mansion Holiday Bootleg

    I'm sure that this has been discussed before, but I've searched and couldn't find anything. I was wondering if that Haunted Mansion Holiday bootleg CD is different (besides quality) then the new real CD that was just released. If it is different, does someone have a track listing available...
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    The Land BGM

    Is there a track listing for the exterior loop?
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    The Land BGM

    So the Interior loop that I have that is 59:35 is fake. It never was played in The Land? What is it from? The Land Exterior loop that is 26:32 is the real thing, right?
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    The Land BGM

    I am attepting to compile The Land music and I have some questions. I am using IRC to obtain various loops. I found an exterior (26:32) and also an interior (59:35) loop. There are also tracks that were on the Forever system like "Home on the Range", but are not in the loop. Should those...
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    Disney NEW animated movie - Prince and the Pig

    Isn't Brother Bear and Chicken Little 2d movies?
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    Muppetvision 3d queue

    Can someone explain how themes get "leaked"?
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    The Rescuers DVD quality question...

    What is the "naughty bit"?
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    Disney at NY World's Fair CD Box

    I am wondering where the music from this box set came from if it was never released. I don't understand what "manipulation by someone over at the Usenet alt.binaries.multimedia.disney group" actually means. I am just curious.
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    DVD Isolated Music Tracks

    Check this out, for a full list of dvds with that feature.
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    The Land - Exterior/Interior BGM loops

    Are the songs on that list all original Disney recordings or are they by various artists? Thanks
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    Tomorrowland Area Music

    Is the following list of music, the area music that plays in WDW Tomorrowland? I read somewhere else that these songs play in Epcot's The Land. Is this true too? Also where exactly can you here the Tomorrowland area music? The last time I was there I tried to hear it, but I couldn't. Thanks...