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    Completely OT: Sharon - 900+ posts?!?!

    Is that "milestone" in the first Walmart on Antarctica sense? 1313?
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    Suggestions for additional Member group names?

    Hmmm... How 'bout "Shut-in" and "Needs to get out more often"? 1313?
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    iPod and Disney music

    Smart Playlist(s)... unchecking the iTrip frequencies via iTunes no longer prevents the files from being played when an iPod is in shuffle mode. 1313?
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    iPod and Disney music

    The database is not maintained by Apple. iTunes utilizes Gracenote?s CDDB to provide track listings, album titles, etc. There are a surprising number of obscure Disney-related releases in the database, including bootlegs and fan-created titles. Anyone can contribute to the database . 1313?
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    iPod and Disney music

    There's nothin' to "fix." The "The iPod 'X' is linked to another iTunes music library. Do you want to change the link to this iTunes music library and replace all existing songs and playlists on this iPod with those from this library?" alert is pretty self-explanatory. Just set up any/all...
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    Question for MSEP Danny or any other MSEP fan

    It's not just Marie (of collectables fame)... ALL of us are dying to know! Please don't even *think* of taking this enchanting thread to email thereby denying everyone the pleasure of learning what the two of you had for lunch on August 14, 1998! David "The Legend Who Moved On" Cohen! Lauren...
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    Sam Edwards, RIP

    Not Only Was He More Cheasper... But He Could Bunt, Too! I believe it was Miss Pwggy Lee who opined: ""Spell check? We ain't got no spell check. We don't need no spell check. I don't have to use any stinking spell check!" 1313?
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    Why doesn't anyone use CD Protection methods?

    My 2.7 cents: Typical hard drive failure owes little or nothing to the choice of operating system. Data recovery is a multi-million dollar industry for good reason: if one uses a hard drive, it will eventually fail. Just under 50% of all data loss is caused by hardware failure. As disk storage...
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    Help finding songs about Disney.....

    "Disney Girls (1957)" is Bruce Johnston's 1971 ode to simpler times: Clearing skies and drying eyes, now I see your smile Darkness goes and softness shows a changing style Just in time, words that rhyme, well bless your soul Now I'll fill your hands with kisses and a Tootsie Roll? Reality...
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    Tech question

    Audacity Audacity can be utilized for far more than simple editing tasks. While not in the Pro Tools class, Audacity is a terrific multi-track audio editor developed under the open-source model: It features multiple built-in effects and can...
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    the cds?

    For goodness sake... copyright does not protect names, titles, slogans or short phrases. In some cases, these things may be protected as trademarks but that is not the case here. Without belaboring the obvious, copyright law is primarily civil law. If one violates copyright one would get sued...
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    Disneyland's Mile Long Bar There were pre-opening PR pieces in both the LA Herald Examiner and LA Times which mentioned that the MLB figures periodically winked, etc. Well, they didn't. My friends and I spent hours in the MLB staring at the darn things before deciding that the trophy heads...
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    I remember things a bit differently. I have Super 8mm home movies shot in DL's (tiny) MLB the month Bear Country opened and the trophy heads aren't animated. I don't remember them ever moving... and when I physically investigated the figures in '74 or so (as an employee) they contained no...
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    OT: World's Fair 1964 photos

    Re:Disneyland Goes To The World's Fair GG: I thought that you might wish to use the official title if you were going to the trouble of creating your own inserts, etc. The box artwork and booklet layout do exist and utilize the "Disneyland Goes To The World's Fair" designation. As is typical...
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    OT: World's Fair 1964 photos

    Disneyland Goes To The World's Fair G2: The official title of the project was "Disneyland Goes To The World's Fair." Prepared box artwork as well as the planned accompanying booklet attest to the fact. Just thought you might like to know. 1313