World of Color


Every time I see World of Color, I think to myself, "Why aren't they selling a soundtrack CD? Do they realize how much money they're leaving on the table by not selling it in the gift shops to people leaving the show?" Guess that's why I'm not in charge of purchasing merchandise for Disney.

Actually, Disney seems to have an issue with getting show music from Disneyland out on CD, period. Let's review the list of shows from teh past few years where the soundtrack isn't or wasn't available, shall we?

* Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams
* Magical
* Celebrate: A Street Party (OK, no great loss there) :D
* Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular (alhtough IIRC it was available at one time)
* Pixar Play Parade
* Block Party Bash
* High School Musical stage shows (again, no great loss)
* Christmas Fantasy Parade

So we've established that there's no lack of material. Disney managed to get out a Magic Kingom Party and Event CD a couple of years ago. So whart's the reason that they can't do the same for Disneyland, other than they figure Disneyland music doesn't generate the sales numbers that WDW music CDs apparently do?

Alas, I agree with some of the previous comments. We're probably going to have to wait for next year's new OA to get any music from World of Color, and I'll bet you even money we'll just get the little two-minute post-show version of the theme song (but feel free to do whatever you can to make me eat my words, Randy!). ;)