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WDW Music Notes - Nov. 2015

Discussion in 'Disney Parks and Resorts' started by monorail91, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. monorail91

    monorail91 Member

    Dec 31, 2008
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    Just got back from Disney World, IDing songs as much as I could -- some observations I have, that I can't find on this or other forums. (The search function on this site isn't working for me, so apologies if some of these have already been posted.)

    Tortuga Tavern - Exterior
    • "Den Toppede Hone" - Accordian Festival. Harmonikutururin.
    • "Separation of Body and Soul" - Neil Hellman, Shelley Phillips & Bary Phillips. Celtic Voyage.

    Tom Sawyer Island plays the standard MK Frontierland loop

    Disney's Contemporary Resort - plays in lobby, entrance exterior
    • "The Doctor is Out" - Kim Pensyl. Pensyl Sketches Collection.
    • "The Emerald Sunrise" - Kim Pensyl. Pensyl Sketches Collection.
    • "Every Step of the Way" - David Benoit. Every Step of the Way.

    Chef Mickey's - plays inside restaurant, but can be heard echoing throughout the 4th floor of the Contemporary. All movie OST versions unless otherwise stated.
    • "Stand Out" - A Goofy Movie. (Remix?)
    • "Zero to Hero" - Hercules.
    • "Something That I Want" - Tangled.
    • "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" - Unknown version.
    • "Minnie's Yoo Hoo" - Unknown version.
    • "Friend Like Me" - Aladdin.
    • "Life is a Highway" - Cars.
    • "Let's Get Together" - Hayley Mills. (Remix?)
    • "The Monkey's Uncle" - Annette Funicello.
    • "Gitchee Gitchee Goo" - Phineas and Ferb.
    • "Dig a Little Deeper" - The Princess and the Frog.
    • "Today is Gonna be a Great Day" - Phineas and Ferb.

    The BOATHOUSE - plays inside restaurant, entrance exterior, gift shop.
    • "Any Love" - Luther Vandross
    • "Let Her Go" - Passenger
    • "Sway" - The Pussycat Dolls
    • "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena" - Jan & Dean
    • "Uptown Girl" - Billy Joel
    • "Bennie and the Jets" - Elton John
    • "Barely Breathing" - Duncan Sheik
    • "Seven Days" - The Apollas
    • "Side Effects of You" - Fantasia
    • "Bad Day" - Daniel Powter
    • "Don't Know Why" - Norah Jones

    Marketplace Co-Op
    • "Hold On" - Colbie Caillat
    • "Something to Dance For"- Zendaya
    • "Feel Again" - OneRepublic
    • "She Shall Remain Nameless" - Brie Larson

    These aren't complete loops, and not necessarily in the correct order, but hopefully a good kicking off point for some of these BGMs that haven't been identified.

    You're welcome to share this info but please credit me at monorail91 or TheDLBro (Twitter).
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