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Walt Disney Studios Park

Discussion in 'Music of Disneyland Resort Paris' started by eyore, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. eyore

    eyore DLRP explorer Premium Member Playlist Author

    Mar 17, 2008
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    Here's another work in progress.
    I don't often get to the Studios - preferring to spend more time in the Disneyland Park so can't contribute much personally to this (at the present time). It's an ongoing task so, hopefully, I'll be able to add my own contributions as well.
    However, Wedroy1923 and needmagic are compiling details of the loops played there and we feel it's handy to have details of the two parks in one place (here :p) so, with permission, I'm hosting the blog.
    I have no hesitation that both will fully research everything before it's published here.
    Much of the work on the Disneyland Park blog has been from their recordings and investigation anyway.

    Update Jan 2012
    We have made good progress with the loops here by now (2012) although there still remain a few loops to record and identify.
    We are currently compiling lists of the source material used and where you can purchase them in preparation for them being entered in the playlist section of this site.

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