Trying to Determine Track from the 1995 Blizzard Beach Water Park Area Music


Playlist Author
Hello all,

Once upon a time I put together my first playlist of music together for myself in sequential order in iTunes for my listening pleasure. For whatever the reason, I decided to compile tracks from Blizzard Beach using the old "Disney Music Loops" website track information as my guide. It was quite a struggle identifying every track and even required me to scour the internet for obscure alpine/yodelling records and miscellaneous CD's with random tracks that were used. I think I have every track down to a science, but to this day, there is ONE that has evaded me in particular. I remember trying to source the information for the track but I could not come up with what exactly it was or where I could find it. So, I just made a placeholder track for it... which you can see highlighted in this screenshot of the album I put together:

Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 12.17.16 AM.png

As you can see, this track was simply listed as "Biergarten Medley" on that old site and my research went as far as digging around on a German polka site I can not for the life of me even begin to recall and I couldn't find any particular track with this name... only some albums for sale on their store that had "Biergarten" in the title. I even contacted the site owner to ask if they had any idea what track this was that Disney used at Blizzard Beach and they said they have used several tracks of theirs throughout the parks but they had no clue which one it was specifically. So, obviously, I still have NO idea what this track is or where I can get it to complete my album.

I'm wondering if ANYBODY who knows or has a recording of this would be so kind as to enlighten me about what this supposed "Biergarten Medley" track is and where I may get it (if I can't get a link to just download the darn thing, I don't know). This has been a pain in my side for *literally* YEARS and I have just thought about asking this question here and see if anybody has the ability to bite and perhaps throw me a bone!

Thanks in advance Magic Music peeps!!