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Toad Hall Restaurant

Discussion in 'Music of Disneyland Resort Paris' started by eyore, May 27, 2009.

  1. eyore

    eyore DLRP explorer Premium Member Playlist Author

    Mar 17, 2008
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    The Toad Hall Restaurant plays a background loop of "British" based tunes (Includes music from the British Isles - England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland ) similar to the Epcot England area and, indeed, some tracks are from there.
    The loop also plays in Fanatasyland station and the paths to it (also in the rest rooms outside and to the rear of the restaurant).
    The restaurant specializes in Fish 'n' Chips although other fare is provided.
    When first opened, Toad Hall served only "British" food (not a burger in sight) and provided beef sandwiches, trifles and Earl Grey tea. After the near collapse of the park in the early years, this was discontinued to include the usual park fare.
    The Fish 'n' Chips are, however, still excellent but the fish batter is decidedly French and not British. :cautious:

    All named tunes are confirmed as correct, as is the order of play from a list provided by DLRP to @wedroy1923. All tracks have also been compared to a live recording dated September 2009 and an induction recording made in August 2011.
    The track names shown in the official listing are shown in {} after the identified tracks as many of the individual tune titles are not shown on it (just "medley" etc).
    We've identified them all so instead of "medley", you get the actual names of the tracks included in them. :)
    For extra clarity, there is a copy of the official playlist at the end of this section so you can compare.
    This is possibly one of the more difficult loops to list due to the variety of source tracks and the vagueness of the official track listing and the use of material from other parks.
    Both @wedroy1923 and @needmagic have spent considerable time and effort (far more than me) on this listing and their help is greatly appreciated.
    We have gone into considerable detail with this listing as it contains so many tracks from Epcot and other sources and because the "medley" titles do not really give anyone a chance of acquiring the source recordings needed to reconstruct the loop.
    Hopefully the individual titles named in the medleys may help.
    We have not been able to source the Epcot tracks and the interior loop no longer plays. The only information available is that they were recorded at the EMI studios in London and split by Disney for the loop.

    Time 61:31

    1/ Merrily on our Way {Merrily, Merrily}

    2/ London Chimes and traffic sounds, (Chimes of Big Ben and the peal from St Clement Dane known as Oranges and Lemons), London Pride - medley {Medley Big Ben etc}
    From EPCOT Center, World Showcase, United Kingdom

    3/ English Country Garden - Light Music Society Orchestra - British light Classics. :cd: Also available from Amazon.uk as mp3 download.

    4/ Medley of Gilbert & Sullivan tunes from HMS Pinafore ( from the exterior UK loop at Epcot).
    We Sail The Ocean Blue
    I'm called little buttercup
    Now Give Three Cheers
    When I was a lad I served a term
    From EPCOT Center, World Showcase, United Kingdom

    5/ Blaydon Races Black Dyke Mills Band, Traditionally British
    Traditionally British or here as mp3 files.

    6/ Folk Medley - Drink To Me Only (With Thine Eyes ) /Lincolnshire Poacher /Barbara Allan (yes, it was originally British -probably Scottish as mentioned in the Diary of Samuel Pepys 1666) {Medley Drink to me only/fife/drum}
    EPCOT Center, World Showcase, United Kingdom (listed as "folk medley" there)

    7/ British Grenadiers
    As track 5. Same links.

    8/ Loch Lomond /Drunken Sailor/Hornpipe { Medley Hi Road/Low Road, Drunken Sailor}}
    EPCOT Center, World Showcase, United Kingdom (one extra track at Epcot, The Ash Grove, is missing from this medley as DLRP has another version as track 19)

    9/ Cockney Music Hall Medley - Knocked 'Em In The Old Kent Road/One of the Ruins That Cromwell Knocked About A Bit/My Old Man / Knightsbridge March {Pub Song Medley: Don't Dilly Dally}
    Possibly (excluding the Knightsbridge March) from the interior UK loop at Epcot.
    The Knightsbridge march really deserves a track listing on it's own (but they don't, so it doesn't get it)
    Trivia: Used in the UK for 27 years as the theme tune for "In Town Tonight" and so associated with central London that it's been included by Disney in the medley.

    10/ Men of Harlech Traditionally British (see track 5 for links)

    11/ Merrily on our Way {Merrily, Merrily}

    12/ {Medley: Waltzy Music Hall} - from the interior UK loop at Epcot
    She was one of the early birds and I was one of the worms
    There was I waiting at the church
    I belong to Glasgow
    Hello Hello Who’s Your lady friend
    All the nice girls love a sailor
    Bring Me back to dear old Blighty

    13/ {Pirates of Penzance march}- included with track 14 as there is no "Pirates of Penzance March" in the Operetta - maybe should read "March from the Pirates of Penzance) - Marching Military Style - The Band of the Royal Corps of Transport

    14/ {More Pirates of Penzance}
    With cat-like tread, upon our prey we steal
    When foeman bares his steel
    When a felon's not engaged in his employment (aka A policeman's lot is not a happy one)
    Poor Wand’ring One
    I am the very model of a modern major general
    Again, possibly from the interior UK loop at Epcot .

    15/ Coburg Band of the Blues & Royals, The Great Marches Vol 1 (was unavailable - now back in print)

    16/ Loch Lomond (with drone sound)/Coming Through the Rye - Traditionally British (see track 5)

    17/{Famous British marches}
    British Grenadiers/Lillibulero/Highland Laddie/Men of Harlech /Rule Britannia

    18/ Sailor's Hornpipe/Drunken Sailor/Portsmouth/A-Roving (Maid of Amsterdam)/Sailor's Hornpipe (again) {Sea Chanties Medley} Spectacular Sound of the Band of H.M. Royal Marines & Pipes and Drums of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 1985 ESI Records 109 Available from Amazon uk as mp3.

    19/ Ash Grove Black Dyke Mills Band - Traditionally British.

    20/{Famous Songs of the British Isles} Fine Old Englishmen/The Minstrel Boy/Annie Laurie/Men of Harlech Spectacular Sound of the Band of H.M. Royal Marines & Pipes and Drums of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 1985 ESI Records 109 (as track 17).

    (approx 2 seconds silence before loop restarts)

    With thanks to @needmagic and @wedroy1923 for their hard work and help in completing this loop listing.
    DLRP have no information on source CDs etc.
    If we are able to fill in any of the remaining gaps in the source material, we will.

    Copy of the official DLRP playlist:

    For those interested, this is the official playlist provided by DLRP: As you can see, not that much information. :(

    1 Merrily, Merrily

    2 Medley: Big Ben etc.

    3 Country Gardens

    4 HMS Pinafore Medley

    5 The Blaydon Races

    6 Medley: Drink to Me Only/ Fife/Drum

    7 British Grenadiers l

    8 Medley: Hi Road/Lo Road, Drunken Sailor

    9 Pub song medley: Don't Dilly Dally

    10 Men of Harlech

    11 Merrily, Merrily

    12 Medley: Waltzy Music Hall

    13 Pirates of Penzance March

    14 More Pirates of Penzance

    15 Coburg

    16 Loch Lomond/Comin' Through the Rye

    17 Famous British Marches

    18 Sea Chanties Medley

    19 The Ash Grove

    20 Famous Songs of the British Isles

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