!!!ThemePark Music by Bruce Broughton CD Release Petition!!!


I just received some interesting news from an industry source about the release of Theme Park music on CD?s.

?Randy Thornton is right (regarding my letter on the News & Ramblings Page of my site)--- it would require re-payments to the musicians' unions to release most of that stuff. This is why you see maybe one representative "main theme" released, and not the entire catalog. Still expensive, but more

For many years, when you went to buy a movie soundtrack album, you
weren't getting the real recording from the film, but a new version made
specifically for album release. Same cause here--- the original session
costs to include soundtrack releases were prohibitive for the
film-makers. In some cases, it was cheaper to record the music again for
the album under a limited pressing agreement, or some such.?

Well, I hope you understand better why theme park music is hard to release, I sure do, now. I wonder if releasing it on the iTunes Music Store, for now, is better and/or cheaper?


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You can fill 6 hours of discussion on Bruce Broughton? What the heck do you talk about, and no less every week?

I am at the Pirate & Princess party trying to record a few area BGMs, so I won't be able to make it. I'll have Bill give me a summary of the 6 hour chat. Thanks in advance Bill.


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No one joining in for a 6 hour discussion on Bruce Broughton - I don't believe it. This calls for a petition. Broughton fans, unite for this worthy cause.

You could always have the discussion with yourself, if you still want to do it. I am sure Bill would enjoy the recordings.


It has come to my attention that many signatures of my petition have been forged by other people, so i have created a new, more reliable petition, and more direct to the point, petition, here:


please re-sign or sign for the first time, if you did not sign my old one, thank you and take care!