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The Rescuers Down Under [Disney/Intrada]

Discussion in 'Disney at the Movies' started by potc08, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. potc08

    potc08 Member

    Jun 3, 2015
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    Intrada tackles Disney world of animation soundtracks with expanded premiere of rousing, tuneful Bruce Broughton score for The Rescuers Down Under, sequel to famed studio's 1977 cartoon feature The Rescuers.


    01. Main Title
    02. Answering the Call
    03. Cody Rescues Marahute / At the Nest
    04. McLeach’s Arrival
    05. The Feathers
    06. Message Montage
    07. The Restaurant Scene
    08. See Wilbur
    09. Wilbur Takes Off
    10. Returning with Cody
    11. Bianca’s Kiss
    12. Arrival Down Under
    13. The Landing
    14. Big Time Hurt
    15. Launch the Back Brace
    16. Squirrel Travel
    17. McLeach Threatens Cody
    18. Bernard Almost Proposes
    19. Cody in Cage
    20. Escape Attempt
    21. Bucking Fireflies
    22. Patient Escaping / Wilbur Splits
    23. Eggs
    24. That’s It
    25. Frank’s Out!
    26. McLeach’s Lie / Wilbur’s Punctuation
    27. Cody Finds the Eggs / Marahute Caught / Joanna and the Eggs
    28. A Loose End
    29. At Croc Falls
    30. The Keys
    31. Bernard the Hero / Wilbur the Mom
    32. End Credits
    33. Message Montage [Alternate Version]
    34. The Restaurant Scene [Alternate Version]
    35. Bernard the Hero [Alternate Version]

    The Rescuers Down Under
    Bruce Broughton
  2. DexterRiley

    DexterRiley New Member

    Aug 24, 2016
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    How many times can I buy "The Rescuers Down Under" on CD? Sheesh. I don't even like the movie.
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