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Space Mountain

Discussion in 'Music of Disneyland Resort' started by Club 33, Jan 16, 2009.

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    When Space Mountain reopened in 2005 it featured new cars, a new look, and new music. While you have to pay close attention to realize it, the audio of Space Mountain is actually somewhat convoluted. It features probably the greatest number of audio loops to play in the queue, exit and area of a single attraction, and most available source audio to the attraction (including that which has been released officially) is inaccurate.

    We'll begin with the queue. As you enter the long outdoor switchbacks, the first loop you will hear is the Tomorrowland Area Music loop. That loop will get its own post, but it bears mentioning for two reasons. For one, when the queue is at its longest you will hear that loop during most of your waiting time. Two, the deck area here below the Peoplemover track is the only location I've thusfar identified for the TL loop where the speakers are accessible for recording.

    As you pass the doors to the second level of the StarCade and enter the lower-cielinged area containing the last of the switchbacks, there are three speakers playing the Space Mountain Exterior Com Chat loop.


    Those entering on the Fastpass side of the queue will only see one speaker, right by the Cast Member at the queue merge. In fact there are other speakers in the ceiling here but they are hidden. Attempts to record these speakers have been unsuccessful- but they are there, you can hear them.

    As soon as you enter the interior portion of the queue, you will start hearing the Space Mountain Interior Com Chat loop. This loop is identical to the Exterior loop, except every 30 seconds or so the Com Chat stops and the Safety Video plays.


    Once you enter the main Space Station you can no longer hear either of the queue loops. There is a loop of continuous, pulsating humming that appears to come from the engines of the Space Station, and can be heard throughout the entire area.

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