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Reality....the true Disneyland fans and the 6 cd set

Discussion in 'Archive' started by dizneydomenic, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. dizneydomenic

    dizneydomenic Member

    Jun 28, 2004
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    I think everyone can pretty much gather why we are buying this set. I know i have always wanted to be a part of Disneyland ( God knows i got a brick!)It's a great place and very simply....FUN AS HECK!.. im 42 years old...i still run to the rides folks. The music, ambience, atmosphere of the park is special.....no where....i mean NO WHERE is it more evident than in Disneyland. Walt Disney records should not be surprised by the response to the set. When Disney Forever opened back in 1998 ....i raided the kiosks for whatever i could (my poor credit card). Whats been fun is as time has gone by...the quality of the recordings being released have GREATLY improved . Example...when i first had America Sings and Carousel of Progress cds made....the recordings were mono (yuck) the stereo versions appeared later on . Now with this fantastic set that Randy has compiled.....well...im sure its gonna be a set to value for many years to come (as i said in a previous post my gold LP is gonna get framed) OOOOOOOH i cant wait for the set to show up! Oh yea...and whatever ones go on ebay....well...thats life and thats reality too.....bad or good

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