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Question Regarding Tokyo Disneyland CDs

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Daryl, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. Daryl

    Daryl Guest

    Hi everyone,
    I was thinking of ordering some Tokyo Disneyland CDs and wanted to know if the CDs are in English and worth purchasing...

    1) Tokyo Disneyland Halloween 2003
    2) Disney Dream on Parade
    3) Mickey's Gift of Dreams
    4) Cinderellabration Lights of Romance
    5) Blazing Rhythms

    In addition, does anyone know where to purchase the 11 disc box set Treasures of Fantasy: Dreams & Adventures and how much is the set (is it worth it)? I never purchased the original Treasures of Fantasy and the only Tokyo Disneyland box set that I've purchased was the 15th Anniversary 4 Disc set from several years ago. Are there alot of repeats between the 4 disc 15th Anniversary set and the new 11 disc set?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
    Daryl in Missouri

    FRAN?OIS Member

    Sep 5, 2002
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    Can't answer the second part of your request, but, since i have a few of those titles and some previous ones, the majority of the lyrics is sung in ENGLISH with some Japenese, here and there, if any. -- the Cinderellabration is plain gorgeous!

    The sound quality and the orchestrations are so great that i don't care if i don't understand the Japenese parts...

    Hope that helps!
  3. Gurgitoy2

    Gurgitoy2 Active Member

    Mar 16, 2002
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    Mickey's Gift of Dreams is entirely in Japanese, but still fun. The rest have a mixture of English and Japanese.

    Treasures of Fantasy will prove very difficult to find. I have no advice on that one.
  4. JoeInJpn

    JoeInJpn Member

    Mar 20, 2002
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    Hi Daryl,

    1) Mostly English, includes last year's parade song and this year's.
    2) Mostly English, my favorite Disney-medley CD this year.
    3) Mostly Japanese, from what I've heard, this CD was heavily modified as the show went through some last minute changes.
    4) Mixed, wonderful orchestrations. I agree with Fran?ois.
    5) Mostly English, my favorite non-Disney-themed CD this year.

    About the TOF: D&A box set, it does include many of the tracks in the "15 Years of Magic" 4-CD set #4. It is currently available for sale at Tokyo Disney Resort or by mail-order at the record distributor's website, http://www.musicsea.net/treasures/ (only in Japanese) and I think only available for delivery to Japanese addresses.

  5. Concerning the Treasures Of Fantasy set, I had emailed the distributor last August about it and received this reply:

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Please let me tell you something about our collection "Tokyo Disney Resort:
    Treasures of Fantasy". As you might know, our collections are designed for
    the Japanese listeners. For example, the special booklet included in the
    box-set is written in Japanese. As for purchasing our Disney collections
    from overseas, we wouldn't really recommend it.
    We would be worried that there might be some dissatisfaction or
    misunderstanding about the collection for non-Japanese-speaking customers.
    Of course, we would love as many people as possible to enjoy our
    collections, but on the other hand, we must provide the best customer
    service to our customers. The problem is that we wouldn't think we could
    provide our best service to the people who live abroad. For the reasons
    given above, please understand that we are not so positive about selling our
    collections to overseas at the moment.

    However, if you would really like to obtain the collection, it is possible
    to purchase it.
    Please let me tell you about the ways of purchasing the collection from

    If you have some relatives, friends or someone you know very well in Japan,
    the easiest way is to ask one of them to order the collection in Japan.
    Then, we are able to deliver the collection to the person, who can make
    payment in Japan. In this case, the person will be responsible for shipping
    the collection to you.

    However, there might be a case that you do not know anyone in Japan, or you
    would not prefer the method mentioned above. Then, the following are what
    we must ask you to do;

    1. Confirmation of order. (Please e-mail us to confirm your order.)
    2. We will check the freight charge, and let you know that.
    3. Payment of both the price for the collection and the freight charge into
    our bank account in JAPANESE YEN in advance. (It is subject to a transfer
    charge. Payment by installment is not available.)
    4. Your notification of the payment date to us by e-mail.
    5. After receiving the money, we will send you the collection by air. (It
    will take about 2~3 weeks. It will be subject to a tariff depending on the

    Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards. Sorry for inconvenience.

    Here is the specific information about the cost and the payment for
    "Treasures of Fantasy".

    "Treasures of Fantasy" =28,900 YEN
    The freight charge = It will be something like 7,500 YEN (Sorry this is
    TOTAL : 36,400 YEN (about 312.00 US$)

    We hope we have given you enough information to consider ordering the
    If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Yuji Sube
    Musical Products Direct Marketing Division
    NTKR Inc.

    I was actually considering purchasing the set until I was quoted the $312.00 price. Maybe if I ever win the lottery or Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes....
  6. JoeInJpn

    JoeInJpn Member

    Mar 20, 2002
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    WOW! What a cool and understandable reply, DisneyFanatic001. Seems very straightforward in their explanation. If you have the $312 to get the box set, then the instructions seem very clear on how to get it.


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