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Question about New CDs in Disneyland

Discussion in 'Archive' started by SpectroPluto, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. SpectroPluto

    SpectroPluto Member

    Mar 16, 2002
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    [attachment deleted by admin]
  2. As was posted on the "New CD's are here at Wonderland Music Store" thread, the following titles will be available:

    Alice In Wonderland WDL 4015
    Babes In Toyland Soundtrack STER 4022
    Date Nite at Disneyland WDL 3035
    Deep In the Heart of Dixieland WDL 3009
    Fess Parker: Cowboy and Indian Songs DQ 1336
    Louis Prima: Let?s Hear It for Robin Hood STER 3339
    Ludwig Von Drake DQ 1222
    Peter and the Wolf / The Sorcerer?s Apprentice DQ 1242
    Secrets of Life Soundtrack WDL 4006
    Summer Magic Soundtrack STER 4025
    Tinpanorama STER 3330
    Tubby the Tuba 1928

    With the following titles "scheduled" to be released in June:

    Hawaiiannette BV 3303
    The Parent Trap STER 3309
    Meet Me Down On Main Street WDL 3012
    A Musical Tour of France with Maurice Chevalier ST 3940
    Lady and the Tramp DQ 1231

    The titles that are currently available are:

    Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland
    The Enchanted Tiki Room and the Adventurous Jungle Cruise
    The Counrty Bear Jamboree
    The Golden Horseshoe Revue
    Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
    America Sings
    It?s a Small World
    Mary Martin Hi Ho
    Louis Prima ? Let?s Fly with Mary Poppins
    Ukulele Ike Sings Again
    Rex Allen ? 16 Golden Hits
    Burl Ives ? Chim Chim Cher-ee and Other Children?s Choices
    Mickey Mouse Disco
    Rock Around the Mouse
    Goin? Quackers
    Totally Minnie
    The Disney Afternoon
    The Sherman Brothers
    Instrumental Impressions
    House of Mouse
    Alice In Wonderland (Restored Soundtrack)
    Bambi (Restored Soundtrack)
    Peter Pan (Restored Soundtrack)
    Annette: A Musical Reunion with America?s Girl Next Door Volume 1
    Annette: A Musical Reunion with America?s Girl Next Door Volume 2
    Pooh?s Grand Adventure
    Sebastain and Friends
    Sebastian?s Party Gras
    Songs from the Sea
    Splash Hits
    Small World Holiday
    A Goofy Movie
    Mouse House
    Tigger Mania
  3. SharonKurland

    SharonKurland Active Member

    Mar 15, 2002
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    I am going to go SOOOO freakin' broke.....

  4. Jeff

    Jeff Member

    Dec 18, 2003
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    Didn't Randy originally say that there were 40 titles released (this list and the list he offered only had 37)?

    I believe I investigated this earlier (as I REALLY wanted to know what the other three were) and found 3 titles that were rereleases of Walt Disney Feature Animation soundtracks. I will double check when I get home, but I seem to remember one of them being Aladdin.

  5. Adaml212

    Adaml212 New Member

    Aug 10, 2002
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    Is this system going to have new park music ever?
  6. matt d.

    matt d. Member

    Mar 15, 2002
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    Hi Adam12,

    Never say never but in this new phase, I believe the release plan does not include individual theme park tracks but re-releases of Disney LP and CD music. So we will see "new" theme park music on CD but it will come in the form of complete albums from previously released records.

    Hope that helps.

    Matt d.
  7. Kenster

    Kenster Member

    Feb 2, 2003
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    I don't know if that's the way I read Randy's original thread. I believe he said he would be working on park music, that it would be in album format this time. In other words, it won't be like the forever system where we could pick the tracks we want. The album tracks will be pre-selected for us. He said some will be attraction specific, some will be land specific, and some will be event specific. Disneyland's 50th is coming up and these tracks are coming, unless Randy publicly says otherwise.
  8. atomobile

    atomobile Member

    Nov 24, 2003
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    You are correct my friend Kester. Trust me when I say it's a good thing the system won't be as before (when you pre-selected your own tracks). The way the new Disneyland audio is coming is better for a few of reasons: Most importantly the long tracks (such as Carousel of Progress, Mission to Mars, etc) won't be chopped off into pieces...they will be one continuously flowing track! Second, the CDs will be of longer duration than the previous Forever system AND cheaper. And last, the quality of the tracks will be better than previously available. Many of those tracks on the Forever system where taken from not-so-good sounding sources and the audio levels varied between tracks. So there...I gave you MANY reasons why the new Wonderland tracks will be a major improvement. The plan is to have them out by the DL 50th which is still a few months away. Being a DL soundtrack collector, I'm very excited about this new way of obtaining the audio. Finally the material is given justice... Can't wait!!!!

    Your friend,
    Louis Gonzalez

    PS: Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
  9. Kenster

    Kenster Member

    Feb 2, 2003
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    I concur with you atomobile, I have always thought the Disneyland Forever tracks didn't have the production value that they could have had. Remember the first wave of Mission to Mars? Then, there was that second release in stereo, a nice improvement. I have considered that the recordings are old and can only improved upon so much. I have hope that a good production of them could greatly improve the quality. I was quite delighted to hear the nice production value of the world's fair material.

    I have full confidence that our good friend Randy is going to hit a homerun.

    Randy had pointed out that there were some noticeable flaws in the release of the Disneyland album recordings. And so it was, that a wonderful discussion regarding the tiki room recording began. While the blame was shifted to Randy for the recording, I have been slow to conclude this. I might have missed the thread but, was there a side by side comparison of the original album to the cd?

    I have noticed the varying volumes of the Disneyland Forever tracks too. I winced the first time that Main Street Announcement blasted at me "Good Morning!"
    Then, there was that Club 33 track that wasn't cut so well. I began to think that the Forever tracks were quickly thrown together. And where was that last piece of the Carousel Of Progress with the narration? I could piece it together, up to the speed ramp music? Things just seemed to be missing.

    I look forward to the Loop releases. It was easy to put the Disney Gallery Loop together, we had all the pieces there. I would love to have entire loops from beginning to end.

    It's going to happen.
  10. narkspud

    narkspud Member

    Oct 17, 2003
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    There was. The original "Tiki Room" LP (at least the soundtrack on side 1) sounds absolutely dreadful. A severely misaligned tape machine was used at some point in the mastering process, resulting in a nasty flanging effect in the high frequencies--so bad that it's difficult to understand some of the song lyrics. (As a little kid, I actually thought they were singing "Ziki Ziki Ziki Room"--that's how bad it is.)

    So Randy (or somebody) reassembled the show using a couple of more recent stereo mixes that were done at different times. The result was a bit patchworky, with some sudden changes in the stereo field, equalization, and reverb. I believe one of the crossfades was a bit ragged as well. There are also some more significant differences--the gong before the war chants, and the birdmobile singing along with Pierre, neither of which appear on the LP.

    But ANYTHING is an improvement over that LP. It is AWFUL.

    Side 2, which is Thurl Ravenscroft delivering the Jungle Cruise spiel over George Bruns' "Adventureland Suite," sounds fine on the LP and fantastic on the CD.

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