Pop Century Bus Loop: A First Stab


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Amazing (or maybe not so, really) that Disney give out stuff in such a form.
I've recently been working on one loop which Disney kindly provided a wealth of details (including the CD reference numbers so 100% which album they used) and they even give the length of their edits from the tracks. Not, however, where in the track it comes from.
I've also had lists with virtually no details given - just titles. We've also had full details of a loop (we were getting excited) only to discover it was out of date and had been replaced a few years before by a new loop (which they didn't supply).
As usual with official lists, they still need checking as they do have some amusingly incorrect tracks listed. I wonder if they do it on purpose so they can say "that's our listing".
Let's face it, we did discuss doing the same when the lists were being lifted and used on other sites ;)
Live recordings are a must if only to keep our eyes on Disney!
YAY! IT'S HOWDY DOODY TIME!!! That's definitely what I heard!
And wow, that's a pretty creepy song. "We're watching you through your TV." *nightmares*
I'm not sure if the whole song made it on the bus, or just the march-y part.

Hahaha...and...Jay is back on the bus. But it sure helps to have a list for reference, doesn't it?