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OT? David Koenig Book & CD

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Jeff, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Member

    Dec 18, 2003
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    Hi all!

    I'm not sure if this is truely "on topic" or not, but since it does include a CD about disney... well, I'm gonna consider it ON topic. :)

    Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has ordered and/or received the "updated" Mouse Tales: A Behind-the-Ears Look at Disneyland Golden Anniversary Special Edition book?

    It supposedly includes an audio tour CD.

    I'm not so much interested in a review of the book (the previous version has been out a long while and has been discussed often), but I AM interested to know what you think of the CD.

    Is it worth getting for the CD if one aleady has the book? MANY thanks in advance!
  2. jerm

    jerm Member

    Feb 2, 2005
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    hey Jeff,

    I would say the book is nice to get the updated version with a new chapter and some updated stuff but the cd makes it worth it.

    The cd is a walking tour of DL set in I would say summer of 1955. David and friend (sorry can't remember the name) start in the parking lot and walk through the entire park giving little bits of info on everything. They do a ride on the Jungle Cruise along with details of all the other attractions of the day. They go clock-wise around the park and give details of Main St (each side) as they enter and exit the park. They do not have music or any thing from the park that is Disney owned, but it does have a nice background track of fitting music.

    If you are a fan of Disneyland this is a great cd/book to have. As far as the CD I would say only once listening in my car I was not sure where in the park they were talking about, but the second listen cleared it up for me. David also gives info that I (big Disney geek) have never heard before, so it does add to your knowledge of park history in more ways then just one. I would say a must have no matter what, but if you don't have a copy of Mouse Tails then it is for sure a must have.


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