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OT-Buena Vista postpones another DVD release.

Discussion in 'Archive' started by adimike, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. adimike

    adimike Member

    Apr 6, 2002
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    Just got word that CITY OF GOD [four Oscar nominations] from Buena Vista has been postponed again [for the second time] from the 2.17.04 date. It is crediting the Oscar nominations for the postponements. So, that is one less Oscar contender that store could count on to stock before the ceremonies. To quote a Super Bowl ad, THAT'S JUST WRONG.

    This is on top of the second postponement for ED WOOD DVD [second time also], MICROCOSMOS DVD, and the next wave of the WALT DISNEY TREASURES collection. All of this in just the last two months.

    Of course, this probably means you will find them on ebay for $100's of dollars, especially since ED WOOD had already shipped to our favorite stores who constanly break stree date, [you know who you are]and now I am curious if CITY OF GOD will have the same fate.

    I am a video retailer, and this is getting ridiculous.


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