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Off-topic: Sleeping Beauty DVD out in Mexico

Discussion in 'Archive' started by dalvarad, May 31, 2003.

  1. dalvarad

    dalvarad Member

    May 20, 2002
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    In case anyone is going to Mexico or lives in the San Diego area and can't wait til September, the Sleeping Beauty (La Bella Durmiente) 2-disc edition has already been released in Mexico (I'm in Tijuana (for both Region 1 and 4). I saw it at the Costco there. Thankfully it has been released in widescreen (unlike the UK version) so we can see it in all it's Cinemascopic (?) glory. It has all the extras previously announced-(almost-It does seem to be missing the announced "which sleeping beauty character you are like" feature and the trailers.) The first disc has a choice to view all the menus (and dialogue or subtitles) in english, spanish, or portugeuse. It has the race for Aurora game (in all 3 languages) and the movie is in all 3. The good thing about the dvd is that there are no commercials (trailers) for other disney dvds at the beginning like they do here. The second dvd has menus in only Spanish or Portuguese with the first few features-on the music and interviews with Evyind Earrle (sp?) only in those languages (no options for English here). Four Artists and a Tree was in english and subtitled-as well as the titles for the Grand Canyon feature. The galleries were nice (with no English titles here-but was easy to navigate)-the music cues are cool snippets of newly recorded Tchaikovsky score. For those of you familiar with the Snow White/Beauty and the Beast galleries-this is the same kind of format. I was disappointed in some of the content of these dvds, as a lot of it was imported from the Sleeping Beauty Laserdisc (special edition) that had been released a few years ago.

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