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New WDW Today Loop

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Alex K, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. Alex K

    Alex K Member

    Mar 16, 2002
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    The WDW Today loop now playing on WDW resort TV is not the same as the one I heard a few months back. Does anyone know how often they change this loop? Or, how many songs there are in all? Any idea who's playing this?

    It is in the same style and arrangement as the songs last year (easly listening, elevator music), but a different set. I recognize "Oh, what a happy day" (from Mickey and the Beanstalk), It's a Small World, Let's Get Together and others that weren't there before.
  2. torg0

    torg0 New Member

    Mar 21, 2002
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  3. wondergreg

    wondergreg Guest

    I selected the songs for the WDW Today loop and worked with the arranger-conductor. They were created especially for the WDW Today channel and are deliberately low-key in style so they would be less likely to become tiresome with repetition. They were recorded at the same Orlando music studio that makes the music for the "What Are You Gonna Do Bext?" commercials.

    It was one of those rare projects where I could choose almost any Disney song that made sense (except for the more expensive newer songs or early songs Disney does not own). The idea became to either use songs that we don't get to hear as often or unique arrangements of ones that we hear more frequently.

    There are over 30 songs in all, but they are stored on two discs and I am told that only one can play disc at a time. That's why you may hear either one or the other depending on when you visit.

    It's really gratifying that they are being noticed on this web site. We knew that there would be people like you who would "get it" and enjoy hearing some lesser-known song favorites. Thanks for listening!

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