To Tokyo Disney Resort music fans

I want to let you know that I have put the CD page files previously located at at

Currently the domain, is not available due to domain transfer failure. I temporarily use the free hosting server, Sorry for your inconvenience.

Just a remainder

Upcoming Tokyo Disney Resort CD Release


:cd: TDL Disney's Halloween 2009

:cd: TDS Disney's Halloween 2009


:cd: TDL Electrical Parade Dreamlights (New Version) (Sale at TDL only)


:cd: TDL Christmas Fantasy 2009

:cd: TDS Harborside Christmas 2009

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Thanks Yoshi! I had been wondering why the site was unavailable and was afraid it was gone for good. Glad to see this great resource will still be on the net!


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Thanks, Yoshi! I was also afraid that your site was gone forever. I'm very happy to see you just moved it. You're site is an invaluable source for what's coming out at TDR. Thanks for all you do!


sounds blech to me but youtube the show and watch it yourself :p
Yep, you're right. It's not anywhere near the same fun as the Panic parade.
Just to update you on this year's TDL/TDS releases:

Tokyo Disneyland

Now Available:

AVCW-12809 Disney's Easter Wonderland 2011
AVCW-12816 Mickey's Philharmagic
AVCW-12836 Cool the Heat! 2011
AVCW-12848 Disney's Halloween 2011

Coming Soon:

AVCW-12837 Disney's Electrical Parade Dream Lights 2011 - Renewal Version (2011-11-02)
AVCW-12867 Christmas Fantasy 2011 (2011-11-16)

Tokyo DisneySea

Now Available:

AVCW-12814 Valentine Nights 2011
AVCW-12852 10th Anniversary Music Album - Be Magical! - Deluxe Version (3 CDs)
AVCW-12855 10th Anniversary Music Album - Be Magical!

Coming Soon:

AVCW-12856 Fantasmic! (2011-10-12)
AVCW-12859 Be Magical! (2011-10-12)
AVCW-12872 The Legend of Mythica 2011 (2011-10-12)
AVCW-12858 A Table Is Waiting (2011-11-02)
AVCW-12865 Special Beat Big Band (2011-11-16)
AVCW-12866 Christmas Wishes 2011 (2011-11-16)


Very cool! Meanwhile, back here at home, still no new OAs anywhere in sight... :blink:
There is a new 10th Anniversary CD commemoration set available January 18, 2012 called "Tokyo DisneySea Remember the 10th Anniversary." The set will be 2 discs covering shows and events throughout 2011; the tracks have yet to be announced. Just one more CD to add to my collection!
Yes! Here's the link:

:cd: Tokyo DisneySea 10th Anniversary Rimenbaza (that's the Google Chrome translation)

Also there's this coming January 4, 2012:

:cd: Tokyo DisneySea Valentine Nights 2012


I'm listening to Tokyo DisneySea Remember the 10th anniversary CD (2 disc set) I bought at Tokyo Disney Resort a few weeks ago. I highly recommend this CD. Especially Disc 2 has a lot of new tracks including Christmas Wrapped in Ribbons, Seven Lights of Christmas, Season of the Heart (Irish Ver.), Precious Treasures of Agrabah, Imagination Song (Instrumental) and It'll Be Magical!(Instrumental).


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Just noticed that resortathome is offline due to the withdrawal of the free web hosting by T35.
Do we have an updated site URL yet please?