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Magic Skyway Tracks Question

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Bill, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. Bill

    Bill Guest

    I was reading notes about the Magic Skyway tracks and decided to listen to them while reading. After a few minutes, I started to realize that the track names were transposed in some cases. (ie. The Flubber Waltz wasn't a waltz) I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed this. I received the tracks from two different sources...both are seemingly mislabeled.

    Below are the International Gardens tracks as listed:

    I'm not sure about "South American Way" Might be right. (This track has sweeping strings with other instruments layered on as the song progresses. It has an underlying mambo or samba beat.)

    I suspect that what is listed as "La Gaviota" is possibly the Flubber Waltz. La Gaviota (The Seagull) is from Zorro. This doesn't sound remotely Mexican.

    Serengeti Serenade is correct. It's the overture from "The Jungle Book"

    Moonlight Time in Old Hawaii is probably correct. It has some slack key guitar in it.

    Disneyland '61 is another version of the Monorail Song. In the notes, it mentions that "Nation on Wheels" is usually used with footage of the monorails (?!) Could this track be misnamed?

    Join the Swing is also a misnomer. This is a fast waltz. Could this be the Flubber Waltz? or Flyin' Ford? It starts off with notes rising...(hmm...a Model T?)

    "Flubber Waltz" is distinctly Mexican. It even has marimbas and brass and isn't even a waltz. Could this be La Gaviota or South American Way

    Listed as "Flyin' Ford", this track starts off kind of somber, picks up, but never sounds has "happy" as its 1-2 beat. The end kind of sounds like the orchestration to the theme from "Bewitched" (or is it "That Girl"?) Sorry for the lousy descriptions. (How do you describe music?!!!) Anyway, I think this must be the wrong title.

    "Nation on Wheels" is supposed to be from Magic Highway USA. It says it usually accompanied footage of the monorail. This is kind of a sleepy sounding tune, but I guess it COULD be monorailish. I suspect it's mislabeled.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?

  2. X-S Tech

    X-S Tech Active Member

    Mar 20, 2002
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    This has been brought up several times. Mostly it seems that people trade this disc with general names (international gardens unknown #1, international gardens unknown #2, etc...) so as not to further confuse the situation. Ideally we would recieve some proof of the real titles and order but it's disconcerting to think that there may be some copies floating out there with the titles haphazardly applied.

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