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Mad Tea Party

Discussion in 'Music of Walt Disney World Resort' started by Horizons, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. Horizons

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    May 9, 2005
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    Loop runs 6:23

    The loop can be heard all around the perimeter of the attraction, by the Enchanted Grove, and in the restrooms next to the Enchanted Grove. As far as I can tell, the loop is also used as the attraction music, as the tea cups are spinning, but more observation is needed to confirm this.

    The current loop was installed sometime in the 1990's (perhaps 1992) and is comprised of the following four cues:

    01 - I'm Late (1:01)
    02 - March of the Cards (2:03)
    03 - Off With Her Head (2:10)
    04 - The Caucus Race (1:09)

    All cues were released on WDWF. Unfortunately, the tracks as released have long fade outs and, with respect to March of the Cards, the full version was not released (the WDWF version starts around 48 seconds into the actual version).

    Painting the Roses Red was another song released on WDWF as being from the Mad Tea Party. This track is not currently used and I cannot confirm whether it was ever used in the attraction.

    The original loop, installed in 1971 with a run time of 2:45, was comprised of two cues that were sourced (and edited) from the Alice in Wonderland LP. Thanks to Wedroy1923 for providing this information (which was confirmed from several live recordings).

    01 - March of the Cards
    02 - The Caucus Race

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