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Loops, loops, loops...

Discussion in 'Archive' started by s8ntmark, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. s8ntmark

    s8ntmark Member

    Oct 4, 2002
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    Ive been going through my old tapes (live stuff I hand recorded...badly) And I realised that I actually HAVR onte of the songs from the queue loop of Tiki Room Under New Management...(Martin Denny-Quiet Village)... Would anyone know any of the other songs that are played in that loop...its got some cool lounge tiki music I think would be worth collecting.

    Also, Ive put together a Tower of Terro Queue music disc and I was wonder...if anyone knows is the lower list of songs ion the correct playing order as the music in the ride?

    I Can't Get Started
    Bunny Berigan-(1937) 4:48

    Mood Indigo
    Duke Ellington-(1936)

    Red Norvo-3:12

    *Uptown Blues
    Jimmy Lunceford

    *Deep Purple
    Turner Layton-(1939)

    *Jeep's Blues
    Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-(1938)2:53

    *Wishing (Will Make It So)
    Vera Lynn-(1939) 3:13

    *Jungle Drums
    Sidney Bechet

    *Sleepy Time Gal
    Glenn Miller-2:37

    *There's a House in Harlem for Sale
    Henry Allen

    *I'm in Another World
    Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-(1938)3:00

    *Delta Mood
    Cootie Williams and His Rug Cutters-(1938)2:45

    Fats Waller-(1939) 3:08

    *When the Sun Sets Down in the South
    Nobles Singers

    -Alabamy Home
    Gotham Stompers-(1937)

    There's No Two Ways About It
    Slim Gaillard-(1937)2:53

    Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-(1938)2:49

    *Dear Old Southland
    Noble Sissle

    *Jitterbug's Lullaby
    Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-(1938)2:57

    *We'll Meet Again
    Vera Lynn-(1939) 3:19

    Thanks for your time

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