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Looking for Rare Rocket Rods tracks

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Jonathan Gelert, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. Jonathan Gelert

    Jonathan Gelert New Member

    Sep 3, 2002
    Likes Received:
    For a few years now, I've been searching around for most of the music contained in the queueing area and exit path of the Rocket Rods at Disneyland. I have yet to find anything, but a friend pointed me to these discussion boards. So, here goes...

    First piece was the soundtrack to one of the mini-segments played in the CircleVision room. This one showed the evolution of the automobile, from the Model T, to the ultimate: Rocket Rods (of course). The general style was sort of a synth-pop thing, and I heard from a different friend that it was a remix of Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild." Not quite sure on that, though...

    Second piece I'm looking for is the ambient, dark, Danny Elfman-style piano, muted trumpet, and bass that seperates the three CircleVision segments.

    Any help in finding these two tracks would be greatly appreciated.


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