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It's a Small World Rare Recordings

Discussion in 'Disney Parks and Resorts' started by BradenD23, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. BradenD23

    BradenD23 New Member

    May 2, 2017
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    Hello, my name is Braden Lucier you can also call me Disney Expert Braden on my YouTube channel

    I'm having trouble of something to use Disney Audio Recordings on Social Medias,

    How do I collect Rare Audio Recordings without Copyright Infringements on Social Medias and who do I contact for the Disney Company I Tried the Music Publishing and the Legal Department but there is no other way to ask someone to use the music

    And also I have tried sending Emails to use It's A Small World from Disneyland Paris from the 1992 Version and the 2015 Version

    1992 Version Recordings

    1 It's A Small World Theme
    2 It's A Small World Orchestra 1
    3 It's A Small World Orchestra 3
    4 Swedish Band
    5 Swedish Language
    6 Danish Drums and Bugle Corps
    7 Irish Jig
    8 Scottish Bagpipes
    9 Big Ben
    10 British English
    11 French Language
    12 Dutch Geese
    13 Spanish Guitar
    14 Castanets Music
    15 Italian Music 1
    16 Italian Music 2
    17 Italian Language
    18 Swiss Bell Ringers
    19 German Language
    20 German Band
    21 Russian Band
    22 Greek Flute
    23 Japanese Music
    24 Japanese Language
    25 Chinese Music
    26 Balinese Band
    27 Indian Band
    28 Indian Snake Charmer
    29 Arabian Pipe
    30 Camel Drummer Boy
    31 Arabic Language
    32 Jewish Klezmer
    33 Hebrew Language
    34 Tambourine Music
    35 Egyptian Music
    36 African Music
    37 African Dancers
    38 Hawaiian Hula
    39 Gurgling English
    40 Tahitian Drummers
    41 New Guinean Drummers
    42 Steel Drums Music
    43 Funky Reggae
    44 Peruvian Flute
    45 Spanish Guitar 2
    46 Spanish Language
    47 Marimba Band
    48 Native American Music
    49 Western Music
    50 Bluegrass Music
    51 Hollywood Jazz
    52 American English
    53 Merry-Go-Round Music
    54 New Orleans Steamboat Music
    55 English Chorus

    These are all the Rare Audio Music from the Disneyland Paris Grand Opening since April 12th 1992 that I will never find and having trouble to find these on a website

    2015 Version Recordings

    1 Wooden Shoe Music
    2 Swiss Yodeler
    3 African Music NEW version
    4 Samba Music
    5 Steel Drums Music NEW version
    6 Western Music NEW Version

    These are the 2015 Rare Audio Recordings from the 2015 Refurbishment and the Attraction Reopened on December 18th 2015

    If anyone have these Recordings or Audio please post this website so I and everyone and the Disney fans can listen to it anytime

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