IllumiNations Pre-show [1999]

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IllumiNations Pre-Show [1999]
Epcot • World Showcase
IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth Pre-show Music [1999]
(September 23, 1999 to July 3, 2004)​

01. Hem Rakdu Yechefim (They Were Dancing Barefoot) 2:58
Yehuda Poliker
Le'eeineicha Hakchulot (For Your Blue Eyes)
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02. Superwasp/Along the Coast of Norway/Neckbuster 4:00
Folk 'n' Hell: Fiery New Music from Scotland
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03. Native Funk 4:16
Burning Sky
Blood of the Land
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Dr. Know

Here's the final, definitive list -- thanks to EVERYONE who contributed!

01. "They Were Dancing Barefoot" by Yehuda Poliker
(from the CD "For Your Blue Eyes", NMC Music 20835-2, 1992)

02. "Superwasp/Along The Coast Of Norway/Neckbuster" by Seelyhoo
(from the CD "The First Caul", Greentrax CDTRAX 102, 1996)

03. "Native Funk" by Burning Sky
(from the CD "Blood Of The Land", Canyon Records CR-7026, 1995)

04. "Flute Battle" by Cusco
(from the CD "Apurimac", Higher Octave, 1988)

05. "The Concertina Set" by Bùrach
(from the CD "The Weird Set", Greentrax CDTRAX 093, 1995)

06. "Imeland" by Groupa
(from the CD "Imeland", Amigo Music AMCD 730, 1995, reissued on the US compilation "Fifteen Years", Northside Records, 1998)

07. "Montezuma" by Cusco
(from the CD "Apurimac, Vol. 2: Return To Ancient America", Higher Octave, 1994)

08. "30-Års Jiggen (Thirty-Year Jig)" by Väsen
(from the CD "Whirled", Northside Records NSD-6006, 1997 - U.S. release of the original Swedish CD "Världens Väsen", Xource XOUCD 118, 1997)

09. "Inca Dance" by Cusco
(from the CD "Apurimac, Higher Octave", 1988)

10. "Appalachian Morning" by John Williams & The Boston Pops
(from the CD "The Green Album", Sony Classical SK 48224, 1992)


selections 6 & 8 are both available on the various artists compilation CD "Nordic Roots: Northside Sampler" (Northside Records, 1998)

selections 4, 7 & 9 are available on a variety of CDs by Cusco and various artists packages

selection 3 is also available on the various artists compilation CD "The Rough Guide: Native American Music" (World Music Network, 1998)

selection 2 is also available on the various artists CD sampler "Folk 'n' Hell: Fiery New Music From Scotland" (Blue Note Records, 1997)

Bravo! :)

One very minor correction -- the last selection, Appalachian Morning, is by Paul Halley... it is performed by Williams and the Pops.


The "by" credit in *all* of the above listings are for the artists and performers. Nowhere have I given songwriting credits, so why would the "Appalachian Morning" entry be in error?

Epcot Bill

New Member
This is great. I'd been stuck on 5 songs for over a year, and now it all falls into place. I'm glad I was paying attention here. Thanks to everybody who worked so hard tracking down this music. Did I say this is great. This is great!

Jessica L

That's so wonderful! I know everyone has been searching for years to finally finish this list. Great job everyone! Hopefully I can work on compiling this list myself - I love the pre-show music!


Dr. Know

Sorry, sds, I stand corrected. I didn't realize you were only crediting performers! :p Thanks for the clarification.


De nada...

The list as compiled is meant to be a guide to assembling the recordings, of course. Were one to assemble a more detailed list (either as a handout at the parks or as credits on a fictional CD - ahem), one would certainly expect to credit the composers. Also absent from the list are the running lengths of the selections - and for good reason: it's apparent from the extant live recordings that we've been working from in reconstructing this piece that when the actual loop was assembled, certain songs were reedited, faded in late or faded out early.

Having said all that, it should also be noted that the folks responsible for this music at Epcot have also been seeking a definitive list of sources for some time as whomever had done the work some years ago is more than likely gone and had not left behind notes. At least two of my contacts have now forwarded our list on to the appropriate individuals at WDW, so at least *they'll* know what they're playing now as well... :)

All in all, a nice bit of work from all parties concerned... Nicholas, Justin, Timothy, Rick, (the other) Steve and anyone else I've forgotten: take a bow!


Dr. Know

If I can get the live recording to work on my mac (that mp3 is still giving me problems!) I'm hoping to edit the various cues to replicate the edits in use at the park. I also just ordered The Green Album for a better sounding version of Appalachian Morning. And I'm still missing selections 1 and 4... If anyone else is embarking on a similar project, please let me know. :)

Dr. Know

Another question:

I seem to remember that the original Tapestry of Nations is played as post-Reflections area music... Can someone confirm this? Is "Promise" also played after Tapestry?


Well, quite naturally, I'm working on a similar project, so consider yourself notified ;)

An additional piece that you'll probably want is the narration that precedes RoE - the audio for this can be found on the souvenir VHS that was sold at WDW during the Millennium Celebration. Following RoE, "We Go On" and "Promise" are played - in that order. I'm not entirely certain what the current "exit" music entails.

For the record, I've also ordered up the CDs necessary for better rips of the tunes...



Sadly, Tapestry is gone altogether, and I must say the last pass was the most beautiful parade I've ever seen. I don't remember "Promise" playing after Tap, though.

As for RoE, the "exit" music as of a couple of weeks ago was "Promise" followed by "Tapestry of Nations" (the Nations music started about 8-9 minutes into the track)



New Member
Thank you so much, everyone, for this list. I now have all of the tracks except the first one. I can't seem to find that CD for online ordering.

One question: without the Tapestry parade are they still playing the pre ROE music?


Sadly, Tapestry is gone altogether, and I must say the last pass was the most beautiful parade I've ever seen.

Do you refer to 'Nations' or 'Dreams' there kirsten? I was sure I read the other day that ToD would continue after 100YoM finished....?

Super stuff on the track titles BTW - thanks to all involved.


Wow, this is impressive. I'm not a "die hard" as many of you, but I do appreciate the work and the occasional MP3's provided for parts of this loop. Nice job.


Dr. Know, and all:

If you have access to newsgroups, the reconstructed loop (correct crossfades, reedits and all - faithful to the live recordings) was posted today (ahem) on alt.binaries.multimedia.disney




Funny, I usually associate this music with waiting for my table outside the Rose & Crown... that must have been you waving that glowstick in my face while I bartered with the restaurant staff for a patio seat... ;)