HKDL Mystic Point BGM?


Some time ago I've read that Mystic Point (or part of it) has a loop consisting of ethnic music from around the world. However, the few videos I've seen only feature nature sounds. Would anyone know of a recording or video where you can actually hear that BGM I've described?


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Though I had found it but the comments on Youtube indicate it's not the bgm :(

Inside the magic did this video which may (or may not) use the bgm. I know very little about HKDL, sorry.



Yeah, I don't think either is the actual BGM. It's frustratingly hard to find a video of the relevant area with live audio... But thanks for your help!


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Mystic Point does not have a BGM loop. there are only "jungle/ nature noises" being played there.
The Explorer's Club Restaurant however does have a BGM. I've heard that it is the same BGM used in DLP's Explorer's Club before it was changed to Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost but i cannot confirm this.
This loop indeed contains music from around the world.