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Happy 20th Anniversary to Horizons

Discussion in 'Archive' started by ccampbell, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. ccampbell

    ccampbell New Member

    Mar 22, 2002
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    Today is the 20th anniversary of Horizons' official opening day -- October 1, 1983. Much has
    happened since that day. Countless guests visited Horizons during the years to experience
    Disney's (and GE's) vision of the future, and many went away with a renewed sense of optimism.
    Sadly, we also saw the closing and demolition of this great pavilion, seemingly a victim of the
    times, unable to keep up with an ever faster-moving world.

    I only visited Horizons a handful of times, during a visit in 1984, about 6 months after her
    opening, and then not again until 1998, not long before she closed. I'll always regret not
    making more of an effort to travel from Massachusetts to Florida to visit Disney World, but
    I'll always cherish the memories of "traveling" on Horizons.

    Many thanks to the Imagineers and other Disney and GE employees who put their hearts and souls,
    and probably several years of their lives, into conceiving, designing and building Horizons. Also, to
    the cast members who staffed and maintained the pavilion and helped spread the spirit of "if we
    can dream it, we can do it" to the many guests who passed through her doors.

    Thanks also to John Debney, George Wilkins, and Richard Bellis for the wonderful music that helped
    make Horizons so memorable.

    Horizons will continue to live on in the spirits of those dreamers and doers who believe in the
    message started by Walt Disney and brought to life by the Imagineers who built Horizons.
    Today, listen to "New Horizons" and "Space", cut open a fresh orange and take a breath,
    close your eyes and remember the experience that was HORIZONS.

  2. BLM07

    BLM07 Member

    Mar 15, 2002
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    Happy Anniversary Horizons! We will miss you, but never forget the great music and memories.

    Now only if Disney would relize the same and release a CD.
  3. mmouse

    mmouse New Member

    Dec 6, 2002
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    Happy Anniversary Horizons!

    I just wanted to add my thanks and appreciation to all of the folks involved in the creation of Horizons. It has always been one of my all-time favorite Disney attractions. I miss it quite a lot. :-

    With it's spirit of hope and progress, I have often thought that Horizons would have been Walt's favorite attraction at Epcot. I know it was mine. :)

    "If we can dream it, we really can do it. And that's the most exciting part."
  4. Disney Bean Counte

    Disney Bean Counte Member

    Mar 15, 2002
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    Well if its any consolation...

    I'm sure if they could have found a way to make it go 100 mph with several stomach churning loops, and made these changes on the cheap, it would still be here today. ;)

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