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Halloween Post #3--Paul Frees and 13 Ghosts

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Michael Zielski, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. Michael Zielski

    Michael Zielski Member

    Mar 20, 2002
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    One final treat.....

    As I was making my Halloween CD's this year, compilations of music and dialogue gathered from CD's, LP's, DVD's, etc., I came upon a pleasant, ghostly surprise. As I was going through a VHS tape titled "Horrible Horror," a collection hosted by long-time horror host Zacherley(I remember him as a kid, on television, hosting all the classic "monster movies"), there was a clip that caught my attention(the video is a collection of bits and pieces from some laughably terrible films, along with some other interesting items).

    The voice on the trailer for the 1960's classic "13 Ghosts" was none other than the Ghost Host himself, Paul Frees(before the Mansion was opened, and probably before the recording sessions)!!! Here's the dialogue, done ala the Ghost Host:

    "Here is William Castle, Hollywood's master of movie horror."
    (Castle's spiel)
    "You'll see what they see, 13 ghosts, materializing in color through the new ghost viewer......
    the fire ghost in the lab.....
    the monster ghost in the bedroom.....
    Bring the family to see all 13, through the ghost viewer given to you at the theater....
    the screen's big new thrill--13 ghosts!"

    Needless to say, it went on one of my CD's.

    If any Frees fans are interested, the video is available through Amazon z-shops, in the range of $10.

    Happy Halloween, foolish mortals!


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