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Fountain of Nations

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Blog Entries' started by freedomnoise13, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. freedomnoise13

    freedomnoise13 Member

    Feb 3, 2009
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    My OCD has taken over. When editing the cuts together you will have to use a quick cross fade to make the transitions seamless. My hat goes off to whoever put the tracks together!

    1. "Standing in Motion"
    Artist: Yanni
    Album: Live at the Acropolis
    Time: 1:25- 1:34, 1:58- 3:24, 3:49- 4:16, 4:29- 4:56, 7:01- 7:20, 7:38- 8:21

    2. "Main Title / End Credits"
    Artist: Joel McNeely
    Album: Iron Will OST
    Time: 0:00- 1:42 (from Main Title), 2:03- End (from End Credits)

    3. "Flying Circus"
    Artist: James Horner
    Album: The Rocketeer OST
    Time: 0:00- 1:43, 2:18- 4:14, 4:38- 4:57

    4. "Main Title / End Credits"
    Artist: Bruce Broughton
    Album: The Rescuers Down Under OST
    Time: 0:48- 0:52, 0:58- 1:04 (from Main Title), 0:20- End (from End Credits)

    5. "Day One"
    Artist: John Tesh
    Album: Tour de France
    Time: 0:03- 1:24, 1:49- 2:24, 3:05- 4:26, 4:55- End

    I believe these last 3 tracks are non-commercial tracks: Air Battle, Mickey's Show, and Celebrate the Future Hand In Hand

    These tracks were used, at one point, during the Christmas season... I'm guessing there are more than this?

    1. "Carol of the Bells"
    Artist: David Foster
    Album: the Christmas Album

    2. "Starry Night (Medley)"
    Artist: David T. Clydesdale
    Album: One Special Christmas

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