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Forum Upgrade Complete!

Discussion in 'Music Notes' started by Magic Music, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. Magic Music

    Magic Music Administrator Playlist Author

    Oct 29, 2002
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    There are still a few kinks to work out but we managed to survive the forum upgrade process! :)

    Important changes

    'View New Posts' has been replaced with 'View New Content.' You will find a couple of settings in your User CP that affect how 'New Content' is handled.

    'Private Messages' have been replaced with 'Private Conversations.' You're gonna' love 'em! :wub:

    Please note that all of the old Private Messages (dating as far back as 2002!) were deleted during the upgrade process. Hopefully, you paid attention to the several announcements asking everyone to archive anything of importance. :unsure:

    Browser wars

    This website is best viewed with Firefox 3.5.1, Safari 4.0.2, and Internet Explorer 8.0.

    Unfortunately, things aren't going to look pretty or work very well for for anyone who is still clinging on to Internet Explorer 6.0. It's dead, Jim! It's time to move on!

    Work in progress

    The following items are still being worked on:

    • The Portal needs to be cleaned up (especially where guests are concerned)
    • Missing Gallery images need to be restored
    • The Help files need to be replaced
    • Advertisements need to be restored
    • Search Engine Friendly URLs need to be configured/turned on
    • The Premium Membership subscription system needs to be restored
    Downloads are "coming soon." ;)

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