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Explorers Club
Disneyland Resort Paris • Disneyland Park • Adventureland
Explorers Club Restaurant Background Music
(April 12, 1992 to March 1994)​

01. Tep Monorom Dance {Excerpts} 6:06 [✄ to 5:16]
Musicians of the National Dance Company of Cambodia
Homrong (Real World 91734-2)
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02. Pajaro Campana 3:23 [✄ to 2:58]
Los Caballeros
Flute Music of the Andes (Legacy Intl CD 305)
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03. Nagare (The Stream) {Excerpt} 10:52 [✄ to 3:51]
Koto Ensemble of the Ikuta School
Japanese Koto Orchestra (Lyrichord LYRCD 7167)
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