Disney Dreams Come True Parade


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The underliner, at least when I recorded it, ran 13:43. The pre-parade ran 4:21.

Pre-Parade: A male announcer says "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, in just a few minutes the Magic Kingdom will proudly present our Disney Dreams Come True Parade! Right now, please welcome the [name] family from [location] who have won a magical overnight stay in the beautiful Cinderella Castle Suite. Directly behind them are our grand marshals for today's parade, the [name] family from [location] and the [name] family from [location]. Please give them all a warm round of applause as they help us celebrate a year of a million dreams!"

The theme song plays after which the male announcer says "We now invite you to stay right where you are to view our upcoming Disney Dreams Come True Parade which will be passing by your location shortly. Thank you."

Underliner: A female announcer says "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we now invite you to let your imagination unfold as the Magic Kingdom proudly presents the Disney Dreams Come True Parade!" At the end of the underliner, the female announcer says "Thank you for joining us for the Disney Dreams Come True Parade. And remember, anything is possible, if you truly believe!"

To market the re-release of Sleeping Beauty on DVD, there was a special Sleeping Beauty (pre) pre-parade that ran 5:59. The song Once Upon a Dream, performed by Emily Osment, looped a few times with a special announcement about the release of the DVD.