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BV-5006 It's A Small World - Walt Disney's Greatest Hits
The Mike Curb Congregation


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Nice but there's no Winnie the Pooh track.
It says "Loading NaN%" which, I think, means nothing to load (empty file).


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Thanks. Just in time for my son to hear it before he went to bed (like dad, a confirmed Disney nut). :D
It's really great to hear these classic oldies rather than just the usual film versions.
Keep up the good work.
Thanks. Just in time for my son to hear it before he went to bed (like dad, a confirmed Disney nut). :D
It's really great to hear these classic oldies rather than just the usual film versions.
Keep up the good work.
That is one of the major reasons I am doing this, so our kids and grandkids can enjoy it as we did. Thanks!!
Thanks "makeminemusic" for putting these Disney LP's up online. I got to say, I have a lot of Disneyland albums in my collection. A lot of them on vinyl, many of them on cassette both pre-recorded and recorded as well as CD's.

And thanks for the first print of the "Pinocchio" soundtrack. This album came out in 1956 as WDL-4002 ("Song of the South" was issued as WDL-4001 and it was the very first Disneyland album). It was later released in 1959 as DQ-1202, but they cut down some tracks off the 1956 LP to make this album shorter and it was one of the many LP's as part of the "DQ" series aimed for kids. The "WDL" series was for adults prior to the "DQ" line. I do have the later copy with DQ-1202, but I don't have the first original LP of that one.

Terry did have the same copy of the first original LP with a rare label, it has a "Disneyland" logo on the bottom and the top that says "Hanson Records Inc. New York". I found this video of a rare very first "Pinocchio" LP and here it is.

To get back to the subject, do you have any albums that I'm looking forward to hear? Here are the following Disneyland albums that I don't have:

1. "Mickey Mouse: This Is My Life"
2. "Echoes of Disneyland"
3. "Born Free/Living Free"
4. "A Child's Garden of Verses"
5. "Goofy's Dance Party"
6. "Happy Birthday and Songs for Every Holiday"
7. "The Parent Trap (1961)" - Soundtrack
8. "The Moon-Spinners" - Soundtrack
9. "New Zoo Revue"
10. "Golden Horseshoe Review"

Please post it on your site. I will be happy to listen to it soon. Thanks!
Hi Musicradio77. Glad to have another Disney vinyl enthusiast onboard. Yes I have those albums. I am in the mist of recording DQ1210 Goofy's Dance Party right now and will post soon. Several of these you mention are available via iTunes and I do not plan on posting them at this time as I am trying to post ones that are currently out of print (of course Disneyfanatic001 has been checking on me and keeps me in line when I do post one that is available ;)).

Of note, the first Disneyland album was the 10" version of "A Child's Garden of Verses". WDL-4001 was the first soundtrack LP released on Disneyland records. A cool story on the back of it telling how DLR came to create the soundtrack (4000) series.
Added Album:

DQ-1210 Goofy's Dance Album

You will find some of these songs in other Disneyland records and maybe a few on other iTunes re-releases.
Thanks Fan,
The Joomla module I am using as the "Ears" record player has an "different" number system. Songs 1-9 line up in order, but number 10 then lines up after number 1, so I wind up having to renumber all the songs to get it in the right order. I think it is fixed now. At least I know someone is listening :D .

Anybody ever see the Yachtsmen at Disneyland? And did they actually make it into "Disneyland After Dark" I will have to check the DVD when I get home. I do not recall seeing them it it, but I may be wrong.


The Yachtsmen are not in the "Disneyland After Dark" special. I think they appeared in some local Los Angeles shows that were taped at Disneyland in the early 60's, the same shows that the Osmond Brothers appeared on. I may be wrong but I seem to remember reading something about that.


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Now this isn't a complaint but..................
On the High and Dry LP, there's a "skip" at the very start of one of the tracks.
It's not that noticeable as it doesn't break the tempo and, had it not been a song I used to sing myself back in the 60's and 70's may have gone unnoticed.
It's track 9, East Virginia.
The first line should be "I was born in East Virginia".
The track actually plays ". I / born in East Virginia" with a slight click for the word "Was".
As I say, due to the tempo of the song, it's not obvious (unless you know it) but it's a shame to have the error there.
Sorry, feel mean to point it out - especially as I sang and played so many of those tracks in my days on the folk circuit :D - although I have most on an LP by The Tarriers - a very similar sounding group

Thanks for posting them.
Thanks Eyore,
Old (and used) vinyl has it faults. Even sealed ones generally have pops and crackles just from rubbing in the sleeve over the years. I do not profess to have mint copies in my collection. Just ones available to hear :D

I will see if I can get a better recording of that track. Maybe a penny on the needle arm ;)

That is cool that you used to be a Folk singer! Do you still have any recordings of yourself?


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Much of my vinyl has skips on it (often not noticed until transferred to CD). Fortunately, the originals are still in the loft :)
I was a vinyl player, not a vinyl collector.
Alas, never made a record or anything (only on the Folk clubs - I ran a few in Liverpool during the late 60's-80's) and you really wouldn't like to hear the reel-to-reel stuff we made during practice runs :D - honest.
Voice has gone now though although still playing though (not in public now) and still learning new instruments (got a hurdy-gurdy a couple of years ago - great fun). If it's unusual, I probably play it!
I'm running through my fifth childhood at the moment ;)
Added Albums:

DQ-1255 So Dear to My Heart
Featuring Bryan Russell as Jerry

ST-3930 The Scarecrow of Oz
with narration by Ray Bolger as the Scarecrow
Added 2 LPs of Cinderella:

WDL4007 Cinderella (1956)

1207 Cinderella (1963)

The tracks for each is laid out different. I do not have the CD to compare, but I did find a track listing, which appears to have more soundtrack added than these releases. I appoligize for the pops and clicks in WDL4007, but finding this album is hard enough, much less one in fine condition.

Here are pictures and track listings of each:


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Nice albums. I think I like the older one best ;)
Just something about it - the older seems more of a commercial venture somehow but, as I say, bothe nice to hear.
Great to see the pictures as well!