Commercially Available Parks Music


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I don't necessarily have a preference for digital or physical media, but the easiest way for me to see if something is available is a digital search (iTunes, amazon). I've found recently that some of the great new additions to theme park music is a bit hidden. Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway, Magic Happens Parade, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, DJ Rex Olga's Cantina Playlist, It's A Good Time (Mickey's 90th Fireworks single) and Pandora: The World of Avatar are all examples of albums that I either heard from someone (or in this forum) or found by accident. Thoughts about the marketing of these to enthusiasts? If I do a search for Disney or Disneyland or Disney World, none of these come up because they're categorized or tagged by the artist or composer in most cases. Also only 2 of the 6 above mentioned titles are available on Disney Music's own website. Why are things so hard to find? Are there avenues you use to find newly released music?


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Thank you for posting. I was not aware of the "It's a Good Time" track. It is from the WDW MK daytime street show. It is too bad you cannot search under the park names.

Not on your list (and a bit older) is:

Bill Cantos - The Circle Sessions (Piano Performances) [different from the CD release]
Larry the Cable Guy & Tony Shalhoub - Season's Speedings from Cars Land [DCA]
Larry the Cable Guy & Tony Shalhoub - Happy Haul-O-Ween from Cars Land [DCA]
Eric Whitacre Virtual Choir - Glow (From _World of Color Winter Dreams)
Jordan Fisher & Angie Keilhauer - Happily Ever After (Full Version)
Tim Davis & Sophia Pizzulo - Golden Dream (From _the American Adventure) [latest version]
Tyler Bates - Guardians of the Galaxy Monsters After Dark [DCA]
Walt Disney Mi Si Delta Pi Players - Party Up! (From _Move It! Shake It! Dance It! and Play It! [MK Street show]
Winter Wonderland (Osborne Lights)

any others?


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Wow, I have the Circle Sessions, but everything else is new to me. Pretty frustrating that you have to dig to find some things. I'd rather buy commercially than download from torrents, but I'd never know this stuff was available. Meanwhile, the Disney Music Emporium has the Jo Jo Rabbit OST. How about some of the stuff from the above list? Haha.


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Just revisiting. I notice the theme from Mickey's Runnaway Railway is pretty disappointing as a cost/value. The track is only about a minute. With all the hype over this new earworm song that they no doubt created tons of music for throughout the entire attraction, a full mix would have been welcomed, even at a higher price. I did see a "Disney Insider" episode on Disney+ where Kevin Raferty records a "welcome speech" for the audio engineer who described working on a "ride-through mix." Keeping my fingers crossed that WDW's 50th anniversary has some fun in store for us.