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An EPCOT Center Musical History: An Impossible Project?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by wedroy1923, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. wedroy1923

    wedroy1923 Moderator Premium Member Playlist Author

    Mar 15, 2002
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    Hello again,

    I've been thinking over the last week about the "golden" years of EPCOT Center (when EPCOT was still an acronym in the park's name that meant something), the period from the park's opening in 1982 to about 1989 when Wonders of Life opened. EPCOT Center contained the final work of many of Walt's original Imagineers and the first projects of the second generation. These "golden" years are certainly a period in the park's history that desperately need to be documented.

    I've also been thinking about how the combined efforts of members of this discussion board resulted in a complete playlist for the pre-Reflections of Earth loop.

    Together, this has prompted me to try starting a new "community" project . . . a musical history of EPCOT Center.

    When I say a musical history, I actually mean a compliation of playlists from those early years of EPCOT but with more information than we usually include - such as more detailed information about where the music was played, the years it was heard, and composer/arranger information. Such as playlist might look something like this:

    Main Entrance
    Area Loop (1982-2000) - (28:31)

    01. Energy
    02. Golden Dream
    03. Fun to be Free
    04. Listen to the Land
    05. One Little Spark
    06. Magic Journeys
    07. Universe of Energy


    Sources: Walt Disney World Sound Archive (http://home.cfl.rr.com/wdwsongarchive/epcot82.htm)

    A first step would be to determine the various playlists required. My preliminary list includes:

    Spaceship Earth - Queue Loop

    Earth Station - Area Loop

    Universe of Energy - Area Loop, Load, Unload

    Horizons - Area Loop, Queue Loop, Exit Loop

    World of Motion - Area Loop, Queue Loop, Transcenter Area Loop

    Journey Into Imagination - Area Loop, Attraction Queue Loop, Exit Loop, Image Works Area Loop, Magic Eye Theater Queue Loop, Magic Eye Theater Load

    Land - Exterior Area Loop, Interior Area Loop, Listen to the Land Queue Loop, Kitchen Kabaret Queue Loop, Kitchen Kabaret Load, Symbiosis Queue Loop, Symbiosos Load

    Living Seas - Area Loop, Queue Loop, Sea Base Alpha Area Loop

    Communicore - don't even really know where to begin here

    We would also want to think about the World Showcase pavilions, and there are certainly more beyond that. Would we want to include actual attraction audio information (something the Walt Disney World Sound Archive has done very well)?

    Anyway, what I am getting at is this, the Internet has allowed us to collectively document the Disney theme parks, and efforts have been made on this board (an elsewhere) to do just that - I'm thinking back to the Disneyland playlists compiled quite some time ago on this discussion board. What is different is that because the park is not incredibly old, we have the opportunity to document those early years in ways we cannot do for Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom.

    I am not as well connected (information wise) as many members of this board nor do I live anywhere near Epcot, but I am more than happy to compile information given to me and do some research of my own to provide additional information. Collected information could be posted here or on some other website willing to post it.

    Does this sound like a do-able project? Is it even worth collectively trying? Epcot has changed drastically over the last few years (as you all know) and such a collective project may be more difficult as time wears on.

    Just some ideas.

    wedroy 1923
  2. Jessica L

    Jessica L Member

    Mar 15, 2002
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    I would love to take part in this as Epcot is my favorite park (has been since my first trip when I was 2!) and it holds a special place in my heart, especially the pre-1994 era. I have collected many queue loops and have most of the background music to Horizons, and a few older songs like "There's No Place Like World Showcase". I even created my own 4-disc set of Epcot area music. Sadly I'm not very knowledgeable of composers, etc. but I am willing to help in any research/complilation work that might be needed. It sounds like a great idea to me!

  3. mmouse

    mmouse New Member

    Dec 6, 2002
    Likes Received:
    :) I, too, am a huge fan of the original EPCOT with many homemade CDs to prove it -- I collect all the music I can get my hands on, especially from Horizons.

    Most of my information is gleaned from other online sources, but I do have a store of memories, and am happy to help. Count me in for anything I can do to help!

  4. wedroy1923

    wedroy1923 Moderator Premium Member Playlist Author

    Mar 15, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Jessica and mmouse:

    Thank you for your show of support. Here is what a sample playlist might look like:

    World of Motion

    Queue Loop (1982-1996) ? (15:57)

    Horse Trotting
    01. Fun to be Free ? Old West
    Train Going By
    02. Fun to be Free ? Broadway
    Car Noise with Whistle
    03. Fun to be Free ? Roaring 20s
    Jet Flying Overhead
    04. Fun to be Free ? Male Vocal
    Horse Galloping
    05. Fun to be Free ? Hoe-down
    Train Zooming By with Whistle
    06. Fun to be Free ? Cool Jazz
    Plane with Propeller Flying Overhead
    07. Fun to be Free ? Tack Piano
    Car Noise with Horn
    08. Fun to be Free ? Soft Shoe
    Plane with Propeller Flying Overhead
    09. Fun to be Free ? Jazz Waltz
    Race Car Zooming By
    10. Fun to be Free ? Beach
    Plane with Propeller Flying Overhead (?)
    11. Fun to be Free ? Charleston
    Police Car with Siren
    12. Fun to be Free ? Kazoo
    Plane with Propeller Flying Overhead (?)
    13. Fun to be Free - Dixieland


    It would be nice to find information to fill in the blanks and confirmation of the information from other people.

    I understand that some people do not want to necessarily share their sources for various reasons, but confirming information or contributing additional information will be greatly appreciated.

    I'll be working on this - you know the project, any help will be appreciated.

  5. ArnyVee

    ArnyVee Member

    Jan 3, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Most of the files that I try to download always begin by a search for EPCOT files or EPCOT Attraction files. I absolutely love the 'old' EPCOT music.

    If I can find any information out there for you, I'll send it over. This would be a great project to take on. I wish I had the extra time to do it.

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