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Agrabah Bazaar Area Music

Discussion in 'Music of Walt Disney World Resort' started by Horizons, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Horizons

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    May 9, 2005
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    Loop runs 58:52

    This is another area loop used in Adventureland. This loop can be heard outside of the now defunct Adventureland Veranda (through one lonely ceiling speaker) and all throughout and around the Agrabah Bazaar (including by the Magic Carpets of Aladdin).

    01 - Unknown A
    02 - Ya Mit Massa - The Farah Dance Orchestra - Exotic Belly Dancing
    03 - Longa Shahnaz - Jazayer Plus Ali Jihad Racy
    04 - Ali Bali - The Farah Dance Orchestra - Exotic Belly Dancing
    05 - Achark - Balish Hamdi - Belly Dance
    06 - Unknown C
    07 - Unknown D
    08 - Inshad/Insiraf - Musique Arabo-Andalouse [Waiting for CD to confirm]
    09 - Touchia/Sana'a - Musique Arabo-Andalouse
    10 - Dabke Noueriev - The Farah Dance Orchestra - Exotic Belly Dancing
    11 - Feyek Lamkinna - The Farah Dance Orchestra - Exotic Belly Dancing
    12 - Sahara - Balish Hamdi - Belly Dance
    13 - Gazaïria - Balish Hamdi - Belly Dance

    If anyone is a fan of this type of music and wants to help ID the remaining four tracks, let me know.

    I do not grant Ricky Brigante/ParkTunes or any other person the right to publish or reproduce any information that is contained in this post for any commercial purpose.

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