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1964-65 NY World's Fair CD set

Discussion in 'Archive' started by DisneyFanatic001, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. I've managed to download the songs that were to be included for the NY World's Fair box set. I was wondering if anyone knows what the actual song titles are? This is what I have:

    CD 1 - Progressland
    01. There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow (Progressland Spectacular) (4:48)
    02. Welcome (0:20)
    03. Walt and the Sherman Brothers (2:34)
    04. Carousel Of Progress (Early Script Reading) (3:08)
    05. Carousel Of Progress (Alternate Universe Version) (27:07)
    06. The Skydome Spectacular (8:00)
    07. Toucan and Parrot (The Electronic Utility Show) (8:46)
    08. Music To Buy Toasters By (4:02)
    09. Mirror Maze (5:10)
    10. Carousel Of Music (Kaleidophonic Opening) (3:17)
    11. Carousel Of Music (1890's) (0:44)
    12. Carousel Of Music (Dixieland Gramophone) (1:44)
    13. Carousel Of Music (1920's) (0:45)
    14. Carousel Of Music (1940's) (0:47)
    15. Carousel Of Music (Radio and Record Player) (1:07)
    16. Horizons (Epcot) (1:04)

    CD 2 - Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln
    01. Walt Disney Introduction (0:58)
    02. Pre-show - The Illinois Story (9:02)
    03. Main Show - Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln (9:13)
    04. Pre-show - The Underscore (10:18)
    05. Main Show - Underscore (8:38)
    06. Dialog Recording Sessions (5:33)
    07. Chorus (The Battle Hymn Of the Republic) (1:37)

    CD 3 - it's a small world
    01. it's a small world (3:09)
    02. The Very First Demo Recording (1:06)
    03. Welcome (9:16)
    04. Isolated Vocal Tracks (2:18)
    05. The Ultimate Megamix (20:55)
    06. it's Still a small world (Exit Music) (2:42)
    07. Disneyland Paris (Part I) (2:09)
    08. Disneyland Paris (Part II) (1:33)
    09. Chorus (0:22)

    CD 4 - The Magic Skyway
    01. The World Of Tomorrow (3:01)
    02. The Magic Skyway (Narrated by Walt Disney) (10:34)
    03. International Gardens (Unidentified Score) (2:47)
    04. International Gardens (Unidentified Score) (4:39)
    05. International Gardens (Serengeti Serenade) (4:03)
    06. International Gardens (Unidentified Score) (3:02)
    07. International Gardens (Monorail Song) (1:42)
    08. International Gardens (Unidentified Score) (2:53)
    09. International Gardens (Unidentified Score) (3:11)
    10. International Gardens (Unidentified Score) (3:43)
    11. International Gardens (Unidentified Score) (3:10)
    12. Auto Parts Harmonic (8:58)
    13. Walt Disney Sessions (8:28)
    14. Get the Feel Of the Wheel Of a Ford (6:12)

    I am especially interested in finding out what all the "International Gardens (Unidentified Score)" song tracks are. Also, the few tracks which mention places that didn't exist in 1964-65 (e.g. Horizons (Epcot), Disneyland Paris, etc.) don't feel right to me (but what do I know!).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Eric Paddon

    Eric Paddon Member

    Sep 2, 2002
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    These are the "International Gardens" tracks in their right order (music played inside the Pavilion).

    South American Way
    La Gaviota
    Serengeti Serenade
    Moonlight Time In Old Hawaii
    Disneyland '61
    Join The Swing
    The Flubber Waltz
    Flyin' Ford
    Nation On Wheels

    Those non-Fair tracks (Horizons etc.) I don't think were intended to be part of the CD release.
  3. Thanks for the info (and FAST TOO!!) ;)
  4. X-S Tech

    X-S Tech Active Member

    Mar 20, 2002
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    Eric when you say "in their right order, as they were played at the pavillion" how does that correspond to the CD? I think that's where the confusion lies, that what's on the CD isn't necessarily in the order that they played at the fair. And of course each time someone arranges a copy of that CD there's the chance that a track is put out of order and screws the whole thing up down the line.
  5. Gurgitoy2

    Gurgitoy2 Active Member

    Mar 16, 2002
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    Well, I don't know what order those tracks played at the fair, but on the CD, Eric put them in the order that they were intended for release. Although that could have changed before it hit the street. I suppose to be absolutely sure, you would have to post track times to match them up.

    Also, those tracks that were not at the fair, like Horizons, and DLP's Small World, were indeed intended for the CD set. They were meant to show where those attractions went after the fair. To show that they had progressed beyond that...although Horizons is no longer, but it showed that Carousel of Progress had a long life after the fair.
  6. X-S Tech

    X-S Tech Active Member

    Mar 20, 2002
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    OK then can someone post track times for the International Gardens songs. The one's I have labeled "Nation on Wheels(aka Monorail Song)" and "Serengeti Serenade" are not in the order thats been listed here, and the others are not labeled at all.
  7. Bill, where can I find Paul Anderson's masterpiece at? Is it a web site or a written book? I tried a search on Google with no luck. :(
  8. Eric Paddon

    Eric Paddon Member

    Sep 2, 2002
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    And for those who want to learn more about the Fair I would be remiss in not plugging Bill Young's magnificent website www.nywf64.com which has all the info about the Fair you need to look for on the net. I contributed a feature on the Illinois Pavilion and "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln" just this past week to the site as well as one on "Carousel Of Progress" and it's post-Fair history at the Disney parks.

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