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  1. markjochems

    Commercially Available Parks Music

    As of today, a second volume of The Circle Sessions: The Music of Carthay Circle is available! :) The Circle Sessions: The Music of Carthay Circle - Vol. 2 To sum it up, we now have the three following albums from the Carthay Circle: The Circle Sessions: The Music of Carthay Circle (2012) The...
  2. markjochems

    Blue Lagoon Restaurant [DLRP]

    Just contacted the DLP Mail Order department. They have no information in their system regarding these releases. Even sent them the pictures by e-mail to verify. It sames this is NOT an official release! Same for the World of Disney CD.
  3. markjochems

    Tokyo Disney Resort - Happiness (12-CD box set)

    It seems Tokyo Disney Resort is releasing a new 12-CD box with the title 'Happiness'! http://www.u-canshop...isneyhappiness/ As far as I can see there is still no information available on what music will be included.
  4. markjochems

    Playlist Coronado Springs Resort [1997]

    Jay, that would be great! Take your time, your work is greatly appreciated!
  5. markjochems

    Playlist Coronado Springs Resort [1997]

    Hi Jay, I'm still curious about your findings regarding the CSR Area Music. :) Best wishes, Mark
  6. markjochems

    Mickey's Magical Party CD [2009] [DLRP]

    This week Disneyland Paris released a new CD with simply this year's theme as its title, Mickey's Magical Party. The catalog number is EDDA039-2. Here is the track listing: It's Party Time with Mickey and Friends 01 - Mickey's Magical Party Time - Instrumental (04:08) 02 - Following the...
  7. markjochems

    Disneyland Resort Paris - Les Parades en Musique 2009 CD

    On Saturday January 17, 2009 Disneyland Resort Paris re-released the 'Disneyland Resort Paris en Musique' CD with catalog number EDDA028-2. The re-release only contains a different (yet even despicable) cover. A huge disappointment. They also released a new version of the 'Les Parades en...
  8. markjochems

    Oscar Nomination for Michael Giacchino

    The Grammy Award in the category: Best Score Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media
  9. markjochems

    I got my Disneyland Paris CD!!

    Not as far as I know since CD releases from Disneyland Resort Paris aren't tied up with a record-label (at least not the "EDDA0XX-X" releases). CDs from Tokyo Disney Resort are released under the Avex Records (pre-2000 by Pony Canyon) label and can therefore widely be distributed, same counts...
  10. markjochems

    Chicken Little OST

    Track Listing: 01 - Stir It Up - Patti LaBelle/Joss Stone 02 - One Little Slip - Barenaked Ladies 03 - All Or Nothing - Five For Fighting 04 - Shake A Tail Feather - The Cheetah Girls 05 - Ain`t No Mountain High Enough - Diana Ross 06 - It's The End Of The World As We Know It - R.E.M. 07...
  11. markjochems

    The TDL New Years Parades

    Tokyo Disneyland Countdown Parade '93/'94 (DMW934) Tokyo Disneyland Countdown Parade '94/'95 (DMW934) [Theme Song only] Tokyo Disneyland Countdown Parade '95/'96 (DMW934) Tokyo Disneyland Countdown Parade '98/'99 (PCCD-00249) Tokyo Disneyland Millennium Countdown Parade (AVW1-12065) Tokyo...
  12. markjochems

    Disneyland 6 CD Set Numbers

    #1317 Brunssum, The Netherlands
  13. markjochems

    Ordering "A Musical History of Disneyland"

    After some big screwups from DHL here in The Netherlands I 'finally' received my copy of the box. I got number #1317 and everything arrived in mint condition! No scratches on the CD's, just some 'production dust'. Thanks Randy! It looks great! I'm going to listen to it tonight! I also just...
  14. markjochems

    Ordering "A Musical History of Disneyland"

    Dirk, Order Date: Apr 26 2005 00:42:30 Order Status: Order is active Although my item was shipped by DHL yesterday (the package is in NY right now :)), the status at still shows "At distribution center".
  15. markjochems

    DL 50th cd info...ummm kinda

    You can now hear a snippet of the LeAnn Rimes version of the song at
  16. markjochems

    "Lost song reveals a mean Mary Poppins"???

    Hello thx99, Since this article was published in a British newspaper it is also referring to the DVD release of Mary Poppins in Great Britain, which is March 7, 2005. The deleted song "Chimpanzoo" is also featured on the R1 release.
  17. markjochems

    'Brother Bear' Best Buy Exclusive track?

    I have a MP3 of the Great Spirits bonus track by Phil Collins but sure would like it on CD. Does anyone know if this Best Buy-version of the Brother Bear OST is still available somewhere on the Internet?
  18. markjochems

    Home on the Range music

    No, you're not alone! I'm starting to appreciate the soundtrack more and more since I first listened to it in March. They should indeed have used the 'Anytime You Need a Friend' from Alan Menken himself insteed of those Beu Sisters. Yesterday I tried to rip the instrumental background music...
  19. markjochems

    CD Japan Help

    I contacted CDJapan a few days ago since about 90% of all the Tokyo Disney Resort products they used to have were gone. They told me they were upgrading their website and redesigning the Tokyo Disney Resort page. If you'd like to order a specific title from TDR you'll have to contact them by...