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  1. SpectroPluto

    Derric Johnson's Re'Generation

    found these today at the same Salvation Army where we got the Phil Harris record! They're all on the IMPACT label except the album simply titled "the Re'Generation" which is on Regency Records. They're all in pretty good shape.
  2. SpectroPluto

    Phil Harris Recording

    found this at Salvation Army! it's a real fun listen!
  3. SpectroPluto

    "Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade" Music

    For those who have seen the parade (we just opened yesterday, I know), I am curious to hear the afficianados' thoughts on the music :wacko: Would love to hear what you all have to say! (I am just a humble performer, I didn't write or arrange the music, I take no personal offense to any and all...
  4. SpectroPluto

    Great MSEP article!

    A pal got me this magazine today at a convention here in Orlando. There were two copies. He got one for himself and one for me. Truth be told, he got them cuz of the Golden Girls (we both have an unhealthy obsession! LOL) but there is a cool 2 page article about MSEP (scanned and posted below)...
  5. SpectroPluto

    OT: need help finding WDW/DL ad with dancing goofy

    Does anyone have the commercial of Goofy dancing to the tune of "I Wanna Be Like You" in (Disneyland's) Toontown? It was steady-shot with no camera movement and Goofy just did some funny dance moves. The ad was a general "visit disney" kinda thing for both parks. I have looked all over YouTube...
  6. SpectroPluto

    "What a Perfect Day" from Fun & Fancy Free

    was there ever an official recording of "My, What a Perfect Day" from Fun & Fancy Free? on LP (I'm guessing)? I just watched it and I forgot that we used it in the Winnie the Pooh tour. That harp has a beautiful voice! *t
  7. SpectroPluto

    collection of park albums on eBay! check 'em out! any questions? ask away!
  8. SpectroPluto

    A Musical History of Walt Disney World (ideas)

    found a cool thread on just ideas on what you would put on the Musical History of WDW Box Set (should there ever BE one!) drop your thoughts! *T
  9. SpectroPluto

    Emmet Otter recording?

    was there ever a recording of Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas?? (record, cassette, cd?) *T
  10. SpectroPluto

    "Disney in Concert" (an intrumental collection) HELP!

    I can't seem to find anywhere to buy this CD (collection?)! Any help? Ideas? info from: Main Specs Title: Disney In Concert (An Instrumental Collection) Performer: Neverland Orchestra Genre: Soundtracks Sub Genre: Film Release...
  11. SpectroPluto

    WDW Magic Thread re: favorite music check it out! if you're a member of that site, post your thoughts! *T
  12. SpectroPluto

    Mary Poppins Lands on Broadway at New Amsterdam Theatre Oct. 14

    from Mary Poppins Lands on Broadway at New Amsterdam Theatre Oct. 14 By Andrew Gans October 14, 2006 Everyone's favorite flying nanny lands on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theatre when Mary Poppins ? a co-production between Disney and Cameron Mackintosh ? begins previews at the...
  13. SpectroPluto

    Help with Old Disney Channel Morning Song

    old Disney Channel morning song HELP I am looking for a recording of or even just an acknowledgement of a song I remember when I was little... on The Disney Channel, around Mousercise, there would be this cute little opening as a kind of "wake up" 30 second song... visually- it was simply...
  14. SpectroPluto

    "Little Mermaid" on stage to make U.S. debut in Denver

    Disney's The Little Mermaid to Premiere in Denver in 2007 By Andrew Gans September 6, 2006 The Little Mermaid, the new Disney musical based on the 1989 animated film of the same name, will make its world premiere in June 2007 at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts' Ellie Caulkins Opera...
  15. SpectroPluto

    Japan CD samples (downloads avail)

    Here are some samples from some of the CDs I got in Japan (see my other thread for more CDs).
  16. SpectroPluto

    CDs I got in Japan

    I believe these are all of them! (click on the image for a larger view) Any questions? Comments? Drop a line! *Tommy
  17. SpectroPluto

    TDL "Find Stitch!"

    while in Tokyo Disneyland, I saw the Find Stitch! parade and it was so cute! I searched around and finally found the CD! I have shipped it (along with MANY other CDs I've purchased here) back home to FL but put it on my iPod first. I listen to it ALL the time! It's a lot of fun and the...
  18. SpectroPluto

    PLEASE watch this!! even Song of the South gets a mention!!! LOL
  19. SpectroPluto

    All MySpace Users! check it out!
  20. SpectroPluto

    Movie SCORE cd's

    found this site with all these different CD covers/backs: Black Cauldron and many others are on there...some obviously homemade...but is there anyone out there more internet savvy able to find out where these discs CAME from? (the site seems to be based...