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    Scary Music in the Parks

    Re: Scary music It's a Small World......broken down....and the song never stops
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    Hooray for Hollywood-Sunshine Plaza

    No it is not. They cut it at the chorus singing Hooray for Hollywood.
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    Question for Randy about Winnie the Pooh

    Is this also the reasons that stuff from "The New Adventures of Winnie the pooh" has never been released?
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    The WHY Series ? Episode II

    Randy, I appreciate your extensive description of the mixing of Splsh Mountain. I am curious, what ride soundtrack was the most challenging to create an audio mix of?
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    The Official Albums for 2008!

    I got backordered on WDW Mail Order so I think they are out again.
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    Soundtrack Question for Randy

    Non theme park music question for Randy Randy, I am curious what process is used to determine the tracks released on a film soundtrack. I've noticed that some like Finding Nemo and of course your fantastic Classic Soundtracks series are nearly complete, while others, like Mulan are not. I...
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    A History of the Official Album

    Anybody click Randy's name on that wikipedia? The resulting page is very interesting....
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    iTunes Wish List - Soundtracks/Vintage Disneyland LP's

    Re: Itunes Wish List - Soundtracks/ Vintage Disneyland LP's Maybe you should give "I Love to Laugh" a try then...... :P
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    The Official Albums for 2008!

    Anybody listen to the album yet with a review to share?
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    Disgusted at Disney World

    It is amazing how big Disney makes these "fads". Princesses, Hanna Montana, Pooh, Raven, Lizzie McGuire, all of these have come, become big, and then fallen back or plain disappeared. There ought to be an iTunes release of "Disne's Greatest Fads".....
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    The Official Albums for 2008!

    Hey Randy, There has been discussion oline lately about the closure of the Seasons of the Vine movie at DCA for the new Preview Center. Will this track be removed from the Official Album as well?
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    The Official Albums for 2008!

    Amazing news Randy, thank you! I just about flew through the roof when I saw the Finding nemo track listed. Now this is the full musical score with the narration, right? Also, does Spaceship Earth include Judi Dench's narration in addition to the Broughton score? I am more excited for these...
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    Looking for tracks

    Where do you find these induction recordings?
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    Looking for tracks

    Does anybody know if there are source tracks of the Disneyland Railroad and the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage out there?
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    Disneyland Question

    Does aybody know if any of the current CDs from Walt Disney World are being sold at Disneyland at this time?
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    The American Adventure (Score)

    That clip is from the WDW Explorer CD-ROm from a few years ago. It is an instrumental of the orginal version of Golden Dreams as it appeared at EPCOT's opening and on "The Official Album of Disneyland, Walt Disney World and EPCOT Center" from 1991.
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    Mousebits I was trying to log on to Rodentsections and got a page mentioning an Apache server installation.  Is anybody else encountering this?
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    Joel McNeely

    Unbelievable, the Lincoln speech underscore. Never thought that would be released. Now if only we could hear it in the park instead of Steve Martin celebrating the 50th. Oh and happy 52nd Disneyland!!
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    Question about Hall of Presidents WDWF tracks

    America the beautiful is the first part of the film, through the election of Lincoln. Battle Hymn of the Republic is the second part of the film, starting at "If you are inclined to believe.." and ending ait "As long as the dream endures" Does anybody have any of the actual score used during...
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    Spaceship Earth

    OT: Spaceship Earth Does anybody know what is being said in Egyptian, Punic, Greek and Latin in this ride?