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  1. DisneyFanatic001

    Looking for Song About Square Dancing Mice

    That sounds awfully familiar. If I remember correctly, it was sung (and narrated) by Sterling Holloway
  2. DisneyFanatic001

    New TDL/TDS CDs

    Yes! Here's the link: :cd: Tokyo DisneySea 10th Anniversary Rimenbaza (that's the Google Chrome translation) Also there's this coming January 4, 2012: :cd: Tokyo DisneySea Valentine Nights 2012
  3. DisneyFanatic001

    New TDL/TDS CDs

    Just to update you on this year's TDL/TDS releases: Tokyo Disneyland Now Available: AVCW-12809 Disney's Easter Wonderland 2011 AVCW-12816 Mickey's Philharmagic AVCW-12836 Cool the Heat! 2011 AVCW-12848 Disney's Halloween 2011 Coming Soon: AVCW-12837 Disney's Electrical Parade Dream Lights...
  4. DisneyFanatic001

    Cover Art for Theme Park CDs

    Is this what you are looking for? Disneyland Resort Holiday Magic Album Here's a bigger image of it:
  5. DisneyFanatic001

    What is Treasures of Fantasy Album?

    And the best part is: Curious as to what the price tag will be for this new version.
  6. DisneyFanatic001

    Cover Art for Theme Park CDs

    Anybody have the artwork for the following: EuroDisney C'est Magique (WDR 33503-2) EuroDisney Resort Original Soundtrack Music Of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (WDR 33509-2)
  7. DisneyFanatic001

    Footage from WDW Golf Courses?

    and these fly-over videos: Magnolia Palm Osprey Ridge Eagle Pines Lake Buena Vista
  8. DisneyFanatic001

    Footage from WDW Golf Courses?

    Searched on YouTube for "Walt Disney World Golf" and found this:
  9. DisneyFanatic001

    TDL Releasing PhilharMagic Soundtrack Feb 2011

    I ordered it. They shipped it today (Feb 2), so I should have it by Friday. (fingers crossed)
  10. DisneyFanatic001

    Disney Documentaries (The Boys, El Grupo, Waking Sleeping Beauty) Get DVD Release Date

    They need to update the release date information because I just received all three of these DVDs today from Disney Movie Collections.
  11. DisneyFanatic001

    Places to Find OOP CDs/Vinyls

    Well there's SoundStage Direct and Gemm
  12. DisneyFanatic001

    New TDL/TDS CDs

    The Tokyo DisneySEA Christmas Wishes 2010 CD release date has been changed to 2010-Nov-24.
  13. DisneyFanatic001

    New TDL/TDS CDs

    Time to pre-order your Tokyo Disney Christmas CDs! (Release date: 2010-Nov-17) :cd: Tokyo Disneyland Christmas Fantasy 2010 :cd: Tokyo DisneySEA Christmas Wishes 2010
  14. DisneyFanatic001

    Disneyland Yodler

    Hey Ken, I am in awe at all of the LPs that you continue to find and post on the WaltsMusic site. All of your efforts are extremely appreciated! I was listening to this LP on your site and noticed that the tracks seemed to be slightly out of order. It states that there are 14 total tracks, but...
  15. DisneyFanatic001

    World of Color

    This one was actually released on CD in 2003 ISBN 0-7634-2072-7 Catalog: 61003-7 Retail: $19.98
  16. DisneyFanatic001

    New TDL/TDS CDs

    I just ordered a new batch of CDs from for the Tokyo Disney Resort: :cd: Tokyo Disneyland Cool the Heat!! 2010 :cd: Tokyo Disneyland Midsummer Night's Panic :cd: Tokyo DisneySea Bon Fire Dance 2010 :cd: Tokyo DisneySea Chip 'n Dale's Cool Service "Deluxe" 2010 :cd...
  17. DisneyFanatic001

    New TDL/TDS CDs

    :cd: Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights
  18. DisneyFanatic001

    Disney Albums We'll Never See Released?

    Awesome! You need to fix the last song though. The "A Cat Don't Like..." plays twice and "I'll Fly the Sky Away" is missing. -John
  19. DisneyFanatic001

    New TDL/TDS CDs

    In case anyone was wondering, there are a couple new Tokyo CD releases. :cd: Tokyo DisneySea Spring Carnival 2010 :cd: Tokyo Disneyland Disney's Easter Wonderland
  20. DisneyFanatic001

    See, Hear, and Read

    Congratulations on your 200th album post!! I am amazed at the amount and variety of albums that you have been able to collect and upload. As I have stated before, all of your efforts are extremely appreciated and I look forward to all future additions! Thank you! John