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  1. angiehashemi

    Playlist Polynesian Village Resort [2010]

    There goes my budget for this month! Thanks for the hard work!!! You'll be seeing some purchases coming your way.
  2. angiehashemi

    The Circle Sessions (Carthay Circle Restaurant)

    Just looked at my CD. Apparently, what I got was Volume 1. It has the same track list as the MP3 downloads that is in your link, wedroy1923. I guess the second one is only available in Digital Download as of now. Sorry for the confusion everyone!
  3. angiehashemi

    The Circle Sessions (Carthay Circle Restaurant)

    Thanks, wedroy1923. I guess I would only find a physical copy through means such as ebay. etc., right? Digital is better than nothing!
  4. angiehashemi

    The Circle Sessions (Carthay Circle Restaurant)

    Bought a physical copy by calling Disneyland. Of course, there is the shipping cost added, but I would rather have a physical CD. monorail91 mentioned this was Volume 2. Was there another CD that preceded this one? I have never seen or heard of it.
  5. angiehashemi

    D23 Epcot 30th Anniversary

    I, for one, would love to hear about this after you guys attend!
  6. angiehashemi

    The Music of Cars Land

    Got mine in the mail while I was out of town for 2 weeks. Listened to it today. Pretty good. When I got my packing slip, I did notice that it said "Limit 2" on it. Did not know they put a limit on how many you can buy.
  7. angiehashemi

    The Music of Cars Land

    Called Disneyland Merchandise (1-877-560-6477) about this today. I did get a UPC # 400006789853. However, they are sold out right now. They expect to get more next month. Just thought I would pass on the information I received.
  8. angiehashemi

    Playlist Animal Kingdom Lodge [Holiday]

    Now you are sending me on an African Music CD hunt again!
  9. angiehashemi

    Flower & Garden Festival 09 - Music Update

    The Rascal Flatts song doesn't surprise me. It was from the Cars movie and they seem to be promoting that movie with the Festival since Cars 2 is coming out this summer. I am going to WDW this weekend and my husband loves the Festival. I was reading up it and they are supposed to have a...
  10. angiehashemi

    Playlist Fountain View Ice Cream

    My husband might actually like this one. He likes Yanni and David Benoit. I might have to drag him in there on our upcoming trip. When you are a child of the 80's, it is kind of hard not to like the stuff. :D (Well at least a teenager of the 80's.)
  11. angiehashemi

    Meet Up at WDW?

    I'll be in WDW the first week of March.
  12. angiehashemi

    What Music Do You Listen To?

    My husband got the Lord of the Rings and the Gladiator soundtracks as soon as they came out. He listens to them a lot, and he is in the next room most of the time, so I hear it a lot. I like them too, so I don't mind.
  13. angiehashemi

    Circle D Corral BGM [DL]

    My dad would probably enjoy this one. He is a huge Doc Watson fan. I may have to see if he has some of these.
  14. angiehashemi

    How Do You Catalog Your Park Music?

    I do quite a bit of video editing and photo editing on my CPU. I have 2 TB and 650 GB in the actual CPU. I have an external 500 GB and an external 300 GB hard drive as well. I just bought a 2 TB drive to back up some of the stuff on the 2 TB in my CPU, and I am using the 500 to back up the 650...
  15. angiehashemi

    How Do You Catalog Your Park Music?

    I don't want to put every CD I own on my computer. I would need a very large hard drive just to hold my CD's alone. I probably had close to 500 before I got married, and hubby added another 100+ or so when he came along. I have bought more since we got married, of course, and my Disney stuff...
  16. angiehashemi

    How Do You Catalog Your Park Music?

    I do have a cataloging software that I purchased for this very reason. I actually bought a non-Disney CD twice, because I didn't know that I had it. (This is the risk you take when you don't catalog an 700+ CD collection.) I have catalogued all of my Disney CD's, but I am still working on my...
  17. angiehashemi

    How Do You Catalog Your Park Music?

    This is why I haven't done much with my stuff in iTunes yet. I can't decide how I want to do it, and I don't want to start and have to do it all over again later. The only things I have put in iTunes so far are my actual CD's. Guess I will have to make some decisions too and tackle this next!
  18. angiehashemi

    Tracking Changes to the Official Albums

    I would like as much info. as people are willing to give. I just thought that was the original idea that got all this started. I could be wrong though. The people who tend to do this stuff are very detailed and I never complain that there is too much information. I don't think there are too...
  19. angiehashemi

    Tracking Changes to the Official Albums

    Correct me if I am wrong here, please! I think the point was to track the changes in the OA's to see if you really wanted to buy every version of the OA or not. I know I tried to get every one of them. However, everyone is not as crazy as I am. I too would just like the list so that I know I...
  20. angiehashemi

    Tracking Changes to the Official Albums

    I have almost all of the official albums in my collection. It took a lot of time and money to get them, but I got them. There may be one or two that I am missing, but I think I have them all anyway. I have never really found an all inclusive list of them, so as far as I know, I have them all...