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    Playlist IllumiNations Pre-show [2004]

    I adore Illuminations RoE, and my preference is most definitely for the earlier version of the preshow music. Whenever I listen to it I can almost feel the heat of those 19 torches in the thankfully cooling Florida night air. In fact, I think the "An Evening at Epcot" mix that someone did a...
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    Oh alright, I'll take that as my prize then. :) But it is a VERY tricky captcha for password...

    Oh alright, I'll take that as my prize then. :) But it is a VERY tricky captcha for password re-confirm - it took me about 20-30 attempts before I finally got it right. Case sensitive random sized text...
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    Sassagoula Water Taxi BGM

    Out of interest, several of the tracks mentioned in the Port Orleans section of the ferry list also appear on the collection CD Compact Jazz: Best of Dixieland, so maybe Disney got them from there (and maybe others too?). Hope this helps in any further research. Andre
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    Sassagoula Water Taxi BGM

    But at least it'll be a good quality recording of her.... LOL Andre
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    Paul F Anderson is Back After All These Years!

    You know, I think I'm probably owed a few issues of POV too. I stopped thinking about it after a year or two; production was very erratic, but when an issue did arrive it was worth reading. Andre
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    Glad I finally managed to get back on here other than as a guest. I fought the captcha and...

    Glad I finally managed to get back on here other than as a guest. I fought the captcha and eventually won!!! Ha! So do I win a prize? :)
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    Sassagoula Water Taxi BGM

    Nope, don't think this is from any of the tracks listed (although I could be wrong). I recorded about 90 seconds or so on one boat trip, just pulling into the Riverside dock on 24 August 2009. Not sure if it's any help, but here's the live clip as an MP3: LINK Andre
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    Sassagoula Water Taxi BGM

    Oh, and must not forget to thank Horizons too! Andre
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    Sassagoula Water Taxi BGM

    Why is it that whenever I'm thinking of popping along here to ask a quick question, I find a thread covering the exact (and usually obscure!) topic that I'm interested in? :rolleyes: I've finally managed to log back into my account (boy, that case-sensitive captcha is a toughie!!!) to say thank...
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    BBC Radio shows about Disney Music this week

    OK, here's some more info from the BBC Press Releases on the first three of these Mickey Mouse Music shows (I was right, it is Brian Sibley doing them): Ain't No Mickey Mouse Music Ep 1/4 Friday 7 July - 7.00-7.30pm - BBC Radio 2 BBC Radio 2 enters Walt Disney's world of music. Brian Sibley...
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    BBC Radio shows about Disney Music this week

    A couple of radio shows to listen out for if you're in the UK, or to point your streaming web browser at if you live outside of Radio 2 reception range: Sunday 2nd July 2006, 13:00-14:30 (UK), BBC Radio 2 Elaine Page on Sunday - Disney Special To coincide with the start of Radio 2's new four...
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    The End of Wonderland CDs?

    I've never actually downloaded anything from one the online music stores, but the feeling that I got when I checked them out a while ago was that the bitrate wasn't brilliant. I must confess that I'm generally happy enough with MP3s for most of my audio collection, and all the tools & players...
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    That's really buuggd me too. Even as a CM here in the UK, I can't order a charter copy at the special rate that the company keeps advertising to me via our Disney Cast Portal! That may change next year, but that'll be a bit late won't it? It's a bit the same as when Box Iger announced the Year...
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    Anniversary Schmanniversary

    You think the events at Disneyland were a let down? You should have been in Disneyland Paris on Sunday, as I was! I spent much of the day trying to even find a cast member who knew that it WAS Disneyland's actual anniversary, let alone anything happening. Apparently a limited edition pin was...
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    Disneyland 6 CD Set Numbers

    4339 from Epcot about a week or so back (my friend managed to pick one up for me while she was there - yay!) Andre
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    They fooled British morning television anyway, who did a whole feature celebrating Disneyland's birthday today. With Mickey & Minnie live in the studio too, so the Disney Company must have been heavily involved. The presenters even gave MM & MN a birthday cake, saying how young Minnie looked! A...
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    WDW Official Album 2 Disc set

    Hi SpectroPluto... what's the Merchandise Hotline? It sounds like I should pass the details on to my friend who's at WDW now, in case she can't find a copy of the DL 50th 6-CD set? Is it an internal cast thing or a guest contact number? Thanks, Andre
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    6-CD set at WDW yet?

    I'll text my friend and let her know, I expect many stores have it by now, but I'm not sure how quickly it'll be selling out. We're both Disney CMs too, so do you mind me asking whether they were honouring 20%, 35% or just 10% media discount? Regards, Andre
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    6-CD set at WDW yet?

    Has anyone found the 6-CD set at WDW yet? As I mentioned a while ago, I've got a friend over there at the moment and while she's promised to look out for the set for me today or tomorrow, I'd love to be able to text her to say where the set is in stock to save her some time. Thanks! Andre
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    6-CD Collectors Disneyland set - where/when to buy at WDW?

    A friend of mine will be staying at the Polynesian at WDW from this Saturday (30th April) for two weeks, and will be able to pick up one of the Disneyland 50th Anniversary Limited Edition 6-CD sets for me while she's there. I don't want to have to ask her to keep wandering around until she spots...