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  1. SeaCastle

    General WDW Loops Notes (May 2018)

    A few more notes: - F&G Fest Bee-stro has "Marrakesh" and "One for Shorty" by Acoustic Alchemy. The terra-cotta lamps and concrete block planters section on the JIYI side of the events path between WS and Future World has Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67: L'istesso Tempo-Pi? by St. Petersburg Radio...
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    General WDW Loops Notes (May 2018)

    We're currently wrapping up a beautiful WDW trip, though even our ponchos are having a hard time drying out! Some general loop notes below-- pardon if this is old news as we haven't been in a few years and I've been a bit out of the loop on the music front. - I can confirm Pecos Bill's still...
  3. SeaCastle

    WDW Pecos Bill BGM

    Hi all- I'm looking for some information on the Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Inn and Cafe BGM. There is a live recording circulating that is 59:57 in length with the track times below. I was able to pick out a few songs but have not had as good luck with many of the tracks. Does anyone have more...
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    Current Liberty Square Area Music

    Reports have it that the original Liberty Square music returned earlier this month: Passport to Dreams Old & New: The Music of Liberty Square, 1980 - Now
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    International Gateway Area Music

    Others may know better, but I thought the World Showcase loops were largely recorded for EPCOT, and then the International Gateway/Showcase Plaza loop consisted of a track from each of the exterior loops played in order around the lagoon. I would not be surprised if that World City Orchestra...
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    Splash Mountain Area Music

    If it's the same version in the video below, then it is not in the WDW Splash Mountain loop. It does however appear in the Disneyland Splash Mountain loop. The WDW Magic Kingdom entrance music from the 90s through the mid 00's (?) used to have the WDW Splash Mountain "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah" but...
  7. SeaCastle

    Splash Mountain Area Music

    The Song of the South tracks were recorded in the same recording session and style of WDWForever (e.g. bluegrass) but were not released on Disneyland or WDWForever to my knowledge. Disneyland & WDW Forever released the bouncier, more symphonic version of the SotS tracks and I think some have...
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    Frozen Ride Music

    Is the Norwegian fishing village dialogue gone for good?
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    Playlist BoardWalk Resort

    Apologies for reviving an old thread- but has there been a new BGM with the Spoodles replacement and the new Flying Fish Cafe? I remember there being several different BGMs in the area (including a separate one in Dundy's Sundry's) but don't remember a full count, or if the same songs were just...
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    Playlist Adventurers Club

    I think I found the track. It's available on the Internet Archive albeit with a not insignificant amount of tape hiss: Niven Jazz Collection: Benny Goodman Tape 13 (1937-1938) : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive (Clip starts at around 5:40 in the track on Side A). The recording...
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    Disney's Hollywood Studios Main Entrance Loop

    Very interesting- sounds like the Echo Lake loop is playing there now. Has the Echo Lake loop been changed recently?
  12. SeaCastle

    WDW Yacht & Beach Club Resorts - Yacht & Beach Club Resorts

    Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resorts Yacht & Beach Club Area Music (c. 1998 to Present Day) 01. A Song for Life 2:32 Eric Johnson Masters of Acoustic Guitar B000005P0C a-song-for-life/1021719942?i=1021719954 B076H9DWDV 02. Alma D' Alma 4:43 Stuart Smith, Joe Lynn Turner Sounds of Wood and...
  13. SeaCastle

    Heading to DL this week for first time in four years. Can't wait to see all of the changes and...

    Heading to DL this week for first time in four years. Can't wait to see all of the changes and new additions!
  14. SeaCastle

    Tomorrowland Area Music [DL/WDW]

    Thanks for tracking down the song names for this loop. This is one of the most distinctive for me and I always enjoyed hearing it. NPR did a report about Space Age design, and featured the "Seize the Future" theme in the transition music for the report. However, when looking back at the list of...
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    Playlist Yacht & Beach Club Resorts

    That may have had something to do with it. :P Thanks again, Horizons!
  16. SeaCastle

    Playlist Yacht & Beach Club Resorts

    This playlist wouldn't have gotten off of the ground if it wasn't for a CD tip from Horizons (Billy Joe Walker Jr.'s Warm Front CD), as well as extensive use of SoundHound/Shazam. (Credit also goes to Jay for formatting the playlist and finding the compilation CDs.)
  17. SeaCastle

    Playlist Yacht & Beach Club Resorts

    Below is the completed playlist (personal first) for the Yacht and Beach Club exterior music. I'm not quite sure how to format this to playlist mode, but this should suffice. SoundHound did a great job of filling in the missing tracks. [See completed playlist above. —Admin]
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    Main Street, U.S.A. Area Music [2012]

    I heard about this as well. The 1992 loop has really grown on me; I can't imagine how different it will feel with the new loop in place (though I was already a bit miffed by their removal of the "Summer Magic Medley" a couple of years ago.)
  19. SeaCastle

    Playlist Yacht & Beach Club Resorts

    There are more than three CDs used in the loop. I haven't worked on this loop in some time, but I'll take another crack at it soon.
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    I bought his "Very Best" album about a month ago, and was surprised with how much I liked it...

    I bought his "Very Best" album about a month ago, and was surprised with how much I liked it, especially "Hawaiian War Chant".