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    Jack Wagner Recording - Tomorrowland BGM 1977

    Disneyland Tomorrowland Background Music 1977
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    Jack Wagner Recording - Casa De Frito BGM?

    This is only identified as "Disneyland Mexican" 1974. I am thinking used as a BGM? Disneyland Mexican Music 1974 (Casa De Fritos?)
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    WaltsMusic Jukebox Jukeboxes are on main page
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    WDW Electrical Water Pageant

    1977 Electrical Water Pageant
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    D23 Epcot 30th Anniversary Anybody get tickets for this event (sold out)? Would love to see the special about Epcot music. I was at the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet yesterday and Marty Sklar was talking about how they discovered Bob...
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    Is this from a WDW Holiday loop?

    I was streaming Utilidors the other day and heard the song "White" from Disneyland LP WDL-3026 Winter. There were others from this album and it sounded like a Christmas loop?? I checked a few of the listings here for Holiday music at WDW but so far have not found if they used any of them. Can...
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    Country Bear Jamboree Recordings

    If the story on the back of STER-X 4000 is correct, then Tutti's Trumpets STER-3011 was the first Disneyland label record released (1959) in stereo.
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    Tribute to Haunted Mansion

    :rolleyes: That is like saying Pete Renoudet is a poor sub for Paul Frees as Ghost Host on the Haunted Mansion story LP ST-3947, which is one of the most collectable Disney vinyls ever, even though it is not the actual soundtrack. Do you realize this entire tribute was made from scratch!! The...
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    WaltsMusic Jukebox

    Trying out a new program on the site that allows me to create jukeboxes (mp3 players) of different Disney music. So far I have Halloween, Christmas, 78s and one then even plays everything on the site :blink: You can try them out here
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    Tribute to Haunted Mansion

    Jim Pressley over at is releasing his latest Disney tribute "Grim Grinning Ghosts" on CD. I had a chance to preview it last week in his home studio while I was in Las Vegas. It was a blast to see how he put this together! His talent as a...
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    Eyore, I can get to the site ok. :blink: Looks like last update was last month.
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    I'm at Fazoli's (9809 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas) <a href="" rel='nofollow...

    I'm at Fazoli's (9809 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas) <a href="" rel='nofollow external' class="su_links"></a>
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    Michael Giacchino at D23 Expo

    I did not make into this presentation but someone recorded it! :lol:
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    Carousel of Project Intro. Film Question

    This one from Micechat is a bit more stable. I went through this several times as I really enjoyed the tribute to the original kaleidescopic opening! And in 180 semi-circlevision too! They used 5 video projectors stiched together. It was very nice!!
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    Jack Wagner Reel-to-Reel Collection

    From 1974 with Jack Wagner and Wally Boag Golden Horseshoe Slide Show
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    Michael Giacchino at D23 Expo

    I make sure I am at this one :lol: "Michael Giacchino's Music of Pixar - In this musical presentation, Michael Giacchino provides an earful of tunes and tales about his early influences for Pixar's modern-day classic scores" D23 Schedule Sat 20 August
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    Blue Shadows on the Trail (From Walt Disney's "Melody Time")

    Before 1956 (start of Walt Disney Records) Disney liscened outside record companies to offer the public music from the films. As you see this was from RCA/Capital Records. It was originally released on 78rpm shortly after the film came out.
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    Music Used in DHS Stores?

    Thanks Jay. If I post a record recording that has been later re-released (by Disney or another producer) I try to put a link (Amazon/iTunes) below the post that allows someone to purchase the mp3/CD. :D
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    Listen to PA-ST-3905 Pinocho (Spanish) <a href="" rel='nofollow external'...

    Listen to PA-ST-3905 Pinocho (Spanish) <a href="" rel='nofollow external' class="su_links"></a>
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    Music Used in DHS Stores?

    I posted this album last week on WaltsMusic. I recieved a couple of comments that some of it is used as background music for the stores in Disney's Hollywood Studios? You can listen to it here