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    New 1964 World's Fair Record Created for "The Optimist"

    I don't know if anyone on this board has been following the currently running Alternate Reality Game called "The Optimist" (http:///, but as part of this game, a record was recently sent out by Disney as a clue. This record was labeled as: ... and contains versions of...
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    Major Music Releases Since World's Fair Set

    I have to add that I noticed this lack of new material, too. I may only occasionally post on this website, but I am a regular reader. And, I know my Disneyland 50th, Worlds Fair, and other sets and park CD's would love to have more material to join them. It gets a little frustrating while...
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    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    Thanks, Jay, for keeping us informed. It is definitely an interesting read and we should (and want to) continue to follow this case. Also, thanks for the clarification about the extra documents. While everything is there in the documents, it can be very confusing trying to follow the...
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    50 Days of Disney Music

    So far, I am enjoying the promotion. I only missed, "21. Barking at the Moon [From "Bolt"] / Jenny Lewis" because I was too busy that day and forgot. Also, I appreciate the efforts Jay is doing in keeping his list (and the link) current. (I believe is, also, keeping a list...
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    50 Days of Disney Music

    Thanks, Jay, for keeping a running list of the free downloads. It may be an inconvenience, but will be appreciated to see the list as it grows. (It will, also, let me know what I will missed when I am away, this weekend.) Anybody else taking advantage of this offer? What do you think of it...
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    50 Days of Disney Music

    Hey, All. Thanks for sharing so much about Disney recordings and discussions about the technical, legal, etc. issues related to this music. I am usually a lurker on this board and enjoy this information. That said, I was surprised nobody brought up in this forum that Disney Music is offering a...
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    The Haunted Mansion CD / LE Box Set [2009]

    Thank you, Bookpodder. DeliverEars was able to find the entry in their computer using the UPC. However, they still haven't been given access to the boxed sets. They seem to indicate the sets haven't yet been found since they were brought back from the D23 Expo. I guess I get to keep calling.
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    The Haunted Mansion CD / LE Box Set [2009]

    Does anyone have the SKU# for the Haunted Mansion Boxed Set that was sold at the Mansion event? Apparently, they took the unsold sets to D23. Since then, I have been trying to locate one through DeliverEars. Unfortunately, between the clean-up from D23, and the inventory at Disneyland...
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    The World's Fair Set and More

    I have been eagerly awaiting this boxed set since Randy announced it. I even pre-ordered it in September! Unfortunately, I have been having problems with the order since then. I was able to get a good price due to discounts, memberships, etc., at ****** and *****.com . (You can figure this...
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    The Official Albums for 2008!

    Re: The Official Albums for 2008! At Disneyland I just wanted to pass on that I was able to order both OAs via Disneyland's DeliverEars without any problems. I tried this because some of you reported the WDW OA was available at DL. Yesterday, after gathering the necessary information from...
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    Musical History of Disneyland CD Set #'s....

    OK, so you can have my number, to make it to #100. I have #3050 (and love the set, too).
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    Disneyland 50th boxed set availible at NYC World of Disney!

    Thanks Ben for this information. While I received my copy of the boxed set yesterday (after ordering it from Disney Direct a week ago), I was considering if it was worth the trip into NYC for anything else. BTW, did you notice if WOD-NYC also carries the new Disneyland and WDW double CD's?
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    Regarding the contest

    To DisneyFanatic001 and tentino, I am sorry that, since the contest ended, not many people are posting their stories. There are some very good ones out there. ( was a good site for them. I know, because I had submitted a story there some time ago.) I suspect...
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    Regarding the contest

    So, the contest is now closed, and we impatiently await the results. I waited until after I posted my entry before reading any of the others. I found them interesting. Some were very well written. Some had special meanings. Most were in the middle somewhere (such as mine). I found it...