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    Country Bear Jamboree Recordings

    I think what confused everyone on this post was the question of was a recording issued in mono...then stereo..or not. Heres what i know from my personal collection on a few of them: 1. CBJ vinyl and cd where only issued mono . 2. America sings was issued in 2 versions and diff files. the...
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    Country Bear Jamboree Queue Music

    I've got a question...more about the entire original show. Like "tiki room" both had lp soundtracks that were mixed mono. Why has The enchanted tiki room been available for years now in full stereo yet The Country Bear Jamboree only exist in mono (an d a poor quality mono at that). The CBJ...
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    Space Mountain - Idea for New Track

    Has anyone seen the new Iron Man 3 film??? It features a title track called Can You Dig It. The more I hear it the more I think it would make a GREAT Space Mountain track. Give a listen...
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    Disney Parks Official Album Releases — No More?

    I guess they don't realize we all have on our computers "Disneyland Project" and are hungry for more music :). I admit it. Files detailing individual tracks sound efffects as well as different mixes of attractions..etc...thats me! An obsession...maybe...but a fun one...I raided the...
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    Radiator Springs Audio Clips Via Disney Web

    For those who havent checked... there are two songs that can be saved as mp3 via the webpage from the disneys cardsland web page. Welcome to radiator springs (mater version) and Towing in a winter wonderland. Neither is on the Carsland cd. Enjoy!
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    Main Street, U.S.A. Area Music [2012]

    Just back from a trip to Disneyland and i honestly find then new music less "fun" I think ive grown so accustomed to the previous Paragon Orchestra music on main street that it seemed out of place to me... kinda like changing the entire soundtrack to a ride. I found the tempo and inclusion of...
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    Major Music Releases Since World's Fair Set

    I've noticed along with everyone else the it got awfully quiet with the the world's fair set and 50th anniversary sets behind us. Going to Disneyland, the 20th century music store is a shell of its former glory with many park cds available. Yes i too still mourn the loss of cds on demand also...
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    Annette Funicello - Let's Get Together

    Has anyone ever heard of the solo version of Let's get together" (heard at the camp dance) sung by Annette only, not Tommy Sands, being released?
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    Carousel of Progress [DL]

    So i decided to watch Summer Magic after many i totally did not realize that the opening credits, right after the buena vista title, start off with the opening music of the carousel of progress alternate reality version that was featured on the worlds fair cd set.
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    Carousel of Progress [DL]

    I know i've probably beaten this subject to death... but i still find the current use of the carousel theater an utter waste of a unique building. It was built as a rotating show building not an exhibit hall. Everything inside could have easily been moved into a static building. Now i know i not...
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    Annette Funicello - Let's Get Together

    Yea...i've heard the duet version... the version in film seems to be a different tempo and just her.
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    Annette Funicello - Let's Get Together

    I have been unsuccessful in find a recording that is only heard for a snippet in the movie The Parent Trap. The very first scene at the dance an Annette Funicello version of Let's Get Together is playing in the background. Has anyone seen this available anywhere? Randy? Does it exist?
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    Disneyland Mr. Lincoln

    Much of the new show uses 1964 Worlds Fair audio material including the preshow material of Abraham Lincolns mini autobiography and Paul Frees original narration (albiet it appears to be a different "take")
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    Disneyland Mr. Lincoln

    I finally got back to Disneyland after 9 months and got to see the "New" Mr Lincoln. Now maybe i missed a previous thread but i really enjoyed the use of bringing the older shows combined to make the new one... including a few surprises. The entrance lobby uses previous narration and music which...
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    America On Parade... Randy?

    Side note to all the park cd sets that have been released the last few years. curious why when the Disneyland 50th set...among them have been eleased... all the America On Parade music was and has been omitted. Im glad i raided the WDW forever system years ago and was lucky enuf to getit...